Up until this novel, I think I was in a bit of a reading slump. I wasn't connecting with any stories and everything was falling flat. I think I just need a good thriller to start my engines and that's exactly what I got. 

One of the Girls by Lucy Clarke will be published on June 28th and I finished reading it about a month ago. I had an ARC from Netgalley and kept meaning to read it whenever it was time to crack open a new book but something stopped me. It was like I needed the perfect time to sink my teeth into it and that's what happened.

I read this book in less than two days and it had all the classic thriller tropes, including a big twist (or two) at the end, leaving my jaw hanging open.

It's one of those novels that all thriller fans will love.

Publisher's Summary

It was supposed to be the perfect weekend away. Six very different women travel to a sun-soaked Greek island for a bachelorette trip, to celebrate Lexi’s upcoming wedding. From the glorious ocean views to the quaint tavernas and whitewashed streets, the vacation seems too good to be true. But dangerous undercurrents run beneath the sunset swims and midnight cocktails – because each of the women is hiding a secret. Someone is determined to make sure that Lexi’s marriage never happens – and that one of them doesn’t leave the island alive.
Gripping, twisty, and full of sun-soaked suspense, this timely thriller examines the joys of female friendship…as well as the deadly consequences when a relationship goes wrong.

My Thoughts

Right off the bat, this book reminded me of In A Dark, Dark Wood by Ruth Ware with the seclusion element and the fact that all the main characters are women. I also knew from the start that I was in for a treat; there were so many different characters, all with a secret, and you also knew someone was going to die. 

I enjoy a thriller that tells you the ending upfront and the real mystery is how you got there. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time, trying to read between the lines but no such luck because I didn't see any of the plot points coming. 

One of the Girls was insanely well written with so much character development and insight; I didn't find it confusing at all which is strange because usually with so many different points of view, it can get a little off-putting. 

I would say all the characters, with the exception of Bella, were extremely likable. Bella's attitude and possessiveness over Lexi at the beginning were very weird and annoying but as the story goes on and things start to unravel I was softening toward her.

Everyone's mind and depiction of the weekend were interesting and all the characters were so different, yet they all had a secret. I didn't know where the book was headed or if the secrets would all be revealed but I was ready for the ride.

With each page, I knew I had to know more and waited with bated breath to see where the story went next. As each wall around the characters came down, one was more unexpected than the last. I can't reveal too much without giving away spoilers but everyone's stories were so interesting and I loved it.

The final parts of the book were extremely reminiscent of Big Little Lies and I guess you could say the entire book was very inspired by it; different women, coming together and in the end, having a common enemy. It was very interesting.

One of the Girls is a classic seclusion thriller with secrets held close to the chest and a big finale reveal. It was really well put together and probably a top 5 thriller for me this year so far. 

One of the Girls by Lucy Clarke will be published on June 28th and it's a must-read!

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