I do not have the words for what happened this week. I am never one to exaggerate and say that something made me cry when it didn't but I wept this week for the little kids who lost their lives in yet another mass shooting. It's a problem when I am not surprised by it, I don't think anyone is surprised but I am angry. 

I am furious at our politicians who are supposed to represent us, who are supposed to work FOR US and continue to put their own paychecks ahead of the American people. I think a lot of people are angry, angrier than usual and I am praying to anyone who will listen, that those beautiful babies are not another tally, another talking point, another thoughts & prayers moment. I pray that this causes real change. I pray that every American is infuriated by this, by women's rights being stripped away, by LGBTQ+ rights and POC protection... I pray that every fucking state in this country turns blue in November.

The only way to protect ourselves, to demand change is to take it upon ourselves. Everyone tells you to vote and then nothing changes but I have hope this time, I don't know why. I hope my hope doesn't destroy me.

It doesn't feel right to really talk about anything else right now. I'm tired, my heart is heavy and I just want something to change in this country. Something needs to give, I don't know how to live in a country that doesn't respect the people who live here; or should I say that they don't respect anyone who isn't a white male. I am tired.

Below are links that might help you process the news and feel like you are doing something. I've already donated to Everytown, the GoFundMe for the victims' families and I called/emailed my senator, Chuck Schumer to force Congress to vote on the background check act that was on the floor of the Senate. It helps to feel like I am trying. 

Places to Donate:

Where to Educate Yourself about Gun Control

And, how to call your senator about gun control


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