I have always been someone who will take a pill to make me feel better. I don't really care if that is right or wrong, it's just how I feel. Modern medicine has come such a long way and as long as you do your research, talk with your doctor, and make a decision that is right for you, I think why not. 

If I'm sick I always want to feel better. I will take anything to make a headache or a stomachache go away. I don't want to be in pain so if I could take two Advil I will. 

That idea has also come with me in my wellness journey and how I feel about supplements and vitamins. I am not someone who loves vegetables and I'm allergic to every single fruit so I always need the extra vitamin and minerals from elsewhere. 

Over the years I've been pretty good about taking a multi-vitamin but this year when I went off birth control (separate post for a separate day) I had some crazy side effects and I felt like I needed to take better control of my own health. 

That is what inspired this post... my experience with a new wellness routine, including some new products and some that I've been using for at least a year. 

Please note that I am not a doctor or have any medical education, this is just what works for me right now.


Love Wellness

First up is Love Wellness... I am obsessed with this company and feel so comfortable using multiple products from them. 

Bye-Bye Bloat

I started out years ago using their Bye Bye Bloat to help with bloating relating to PMs... and I've never had anything help me as much as this does. It is like a magic pill; whenever I feel uncomfortable and bloated, whether it's related to my period or not I take two, and within an hour or so, I physically feel so much more comfortable. You can also take these before you go to sleep versus after a meal.

I am never without these supplements and I will recommend them for as long as Love Wellness makes them. 

Gut Feelings Probiotics

Next up, I knew that I had to start taking a probiotic. I felt like something in my gut wasn't right and I really needed to take care of it. Since I had already been taking Bye Bye Bloat I felt comfortable taking the Love Wellness probiotic because I trust the brand. 

This was also around the time that Love Wellness released two additional probiotics, one specifically for your gut and one for your skin. I immediately purchased Gut Feelings and started taking them every morning before eating. After about a month or so of consistent use, I noticed that I was more *regular* and didn't feel as sick throughout the day. I am someone who frequently gets stomachaches and nausea daily but I feel like my stomach was a bit stronger with these.

And even if I don't see the results I feel better knowing I'm doing what I can to take care of myself from the inside out.


I am aware that this could be a controversial supplement but my goodness does it work for me. Metabolove is meant to curb cravings and help boost energy related to stress and hormone changes... I started taking it on a whim a few months ago and with consistency, I am very surprised at how it helps me throughout the day. It makes me feel level and not overly hungry, especially when I'm having a stress response. It does curb appetite but in a good way; it helps me to eat only what I need versus overeat while still maintaining my energy throughout the day. This is a supplement I can tell is working and I really love it... though, I don't take it every day just when I feel like I need it.

I also have the Love Wellness Mood Pills but I haven't tried them yet. 

Now, onto a different brand.


I finally took the plunge and decided to subscribe to one of the vitamin subscriptions on the market. I've taken the online test a few times before but never paid for the subscription, until now. As I said above, I felt like I needed to take my health more seriously and try to work on my mental health from the inside out so I thought care/of was the best choice for me. 

I will say that I have not been the least bit consistent with this. I've been subscribed probably since February and I've gone through only one entire sleeve aka 30 packets of vitamins. I don't know why I can't stay on track but it's an issue I am doing my best with. 

The current vitamins I'm taking are:

Vitamin D

I am deficient in Vitamin D consistently, like clockwork every single winter. I finally decided to just start taking it year-round so that my blood work comes back good. Vitamin D, by care/of standards, is supposed to help keep your immune system strong and support bone health which I'll never say no to. 


This is an all-in-one type of mineral that helps with energy, sleep, and migraines...all of which I struggle with deeply so having this in my pack is very important. I will say that since *semi-regularly* taking Magnesium my migraines have been minimal. 

Vitamin B12

This is classified as the energizer which helps support cognitive and nervous system health. I am usually deficient in Vitamin B12 so I like to have this incorporated into my routine. 


I was struggling pretty badly with mental energy and focus when I signed up for care/of so I was happy that Rhodiola was included in my test results. I just felt so foggy and out of sorts

The thing I love about care/of is how you can customize your routine on a monthly basis, test and try different vitamins and how easy it is to realize what you need. They explain everything so clearly and it's so much easier than scanning the aisles at the drugstore. They also give reference to the studies that prove what each vitamin and mineral does which I think is so important and nicely transparent. 

In addition to all of these, I recently purchased the One A Day Immunity Support gummies because I cannot handle getting sick every month the way I have been. We'll see what happens in a month or so after consistently taking these. 

So that's it! Everything I'm currently taking to better my health any way I can.


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