When looking back at my brand buzz posts I was surprised to see that I have never, not once, done a round-up of Charlotte Tilbury. I was shocked because it is the beauty brand I purchase from most often and I figured that at least within the past 3-4 years I would've talked about my all-time favorite products from the brand. 

Charlotte Tilbury is my favorite beauty brand of all time and I will buy anything they put out. Charlotte Tilbury, the person, is a world-renowned makeup artist who has taken over the beauty world with her innovative, beautiful, luxurious makeup and skincare. It all started a few years ago with her cult-classic lipsticks, especially the award-winning shade, Pillow Talk which is known for being universally flattering.

Her empire has since expanded to include even more lipstick formulas, blushes, bronzers, highlighters, skincare, and everything in between. There is something about her products, about the marketing, about the way she speaks about makeup that makes me lose my mind. Charlotte Tilbury and her band of celebrity ambassadors could sell me a water bottle and I would buy it.

You might think I'm a sucker but there are very few things from the brand that I do not like. Everything I try, which is most of her products, I like and continue to repurchase. I would be lying if I said I didn't want to include them all on this list but I cut it down to only include the items that I truly love, use consistently, and have repurchased. 

My Favorite Complexion Products

Light Wonder Foundation

This has been my ride-or-die foundation for a while and I can't get enough. It's the perfect light coverage foundation to throw on every day or when you just want something a little more minimal. It gives me the perfect 'no-makeup makeup look and I can apply it with my hands which is even better.

Airbrush Flawless Filter Setting Spray

This is the newest Charlotte Tilbury product I have and it's showing up on this list for good reason. I purchased this after needing a heavy-duty setting spray to last me during my friend's wedding a few weeks back and after seeing a few reviews of this one, I purchased the mini size. I used it before and after makeup application and nothing budged, even after 12+ hours. I also used it when I did my own personal makeup trial run and I actually had a hard time getting my makeup off, even with double cleansing and a Makeup Eraser. That's what sold me on it! 

Airbrush Flawless Filter Setting Powder

I have hardly used another setting powder since discovering this a few years ago. It is light on the skin and sets my makeup perfectly without adding any weird texture or extra product. It makes your skin look beautiful and keeps everything in place. I don't think I'd ever even try to use another setting powder.

Magic Vanish Color Corrector

My dark circles are truly something else. Every morning I wake up and it looks like I have a black eye. I've tried a lot of different color correctors over the years to help with those dark circles but nothing has ever covered them up the way the Magic Vanish Color Corrector has. It's very creamy but not slippery and it really hides the darkness you want to erase. I haven't used another corrector in years and this is one of my holy grails, can't live without products. 

Hollywood Flawless Filter

Do I even have to explain this one? It's everywhere and everyone who tries it loves it! Hollywood Flawless Filter is a very weird, interesting, and unique product because you can use it any way you want. I've seen people use it as a primer, foundation, highlighter, bronzer, etc. I use it primarily as an 'under foundation' highlighter and love to use it to give my skin a little something extra. I have also used it as a cheek highlighter and it gives a stunning glow. It's a really different type of product because it's very liquidy, has a doe-foot applicator, and has a very glowy finish.

I am interested in getting a darker shade (I have a shade 2) to use as a bronzer and if I do that, I will report back! 

My Favorite Cheek Products

Pillowtalk Lip & Cheek Glow

I love a good cream product and I love when that product is a multi-tasker. That's exactly what these Lip & Cheek Glows are. It comes in two shades and are little, purse-sized compacts that hold beautiful creamy goodness. I have both shades but much prefer the Colour of Dreams because it's a little lighter and more of that traditional Pillow Talk, berry shade. They are very creamy but blend into the skin beautifully and have pretty great staying power. I wear this a ton on my cheeks but less so on my lips, though it is nice to have the option.

Cheek to Chic Blush in Pillowtalk

I always forget that I have this blush but I recently wore it and fell back in love with it. The blush formula is ideal; it's pigmented but not overly so and it gives the most natural flush thanks to the highlighted center. It blends beautifully into the skin and leaves you with a really nice color. You can go light-handed with it for a more natural look or apply more for something more dramatic. I only have the Pillowtalk shade but I need to get my hands on more because I've never had a powder blush like this. 

Beauty Light Wands

These are viral on the internet at the moment and because of that, they are sold out everywhere. I've had mine in Pillowtalk and Peachgasm for years and they are a must-have in my book. They add a really wet, dewy look to the skin and I love wearing them with just a tinted moisturizer because it adds so much to a makeup look. I could wear hardly any makeup, throw one of these on my cheeks and be good to go. It's the perfect addition to any no-makeup makeup look.

My Favorite Eye Products

Eyes to Mesmerize Cream Eyeshadow

There is nothing more I love than a cream shadow because it makes your eye makeup look so put together and you're only using one product. It's so easy to just apply and always looks gorgeous; I am pretty good at doing my makeup but I struggle with a great eyeshadow look so I am naturally drawn to a one-stop-shop product. I love the formula of Charlotte's cream shadows because they are creamy, have good staying power, and add a lot of dimension to a look even though you're using one shade. I have Oyster Pearl and Walk of No Shame but I really need to get my hands on Pillowtalk.

Pillowtalk Push Up Mascara

This was the first mascara I tried from Charlotte Tilbury and I don't think I need to try anything else because this is heaven-sent. I have naturally long, curly lashes so I don't need a lot of length or volume but I want it, I mean who doesn't. This mascara has a very thin brush with lots of bristles on all sides, and the bristles are diamond-shaped so it really grips onto the lash to add length. The formula itself is pretty wet but doesn't leave any clumps behind. 

This is the type of mascara I can wear every day and also for special occasions because you can be light-handed with the application for a natural look or add some more drama for a night out. For the longest time, there was only Black available but recently Charlotte added 'Dream Pop' which is basically just a Pillowtalk/berry color and I immediately bought it. I am not one for colored mascara but this adds the most subtle color which adds an eye-opening effect. 

My Favorite Lip Products

Matte Revolution Lipstick in Pillowtalk

This is it. This is the must-have. If you are going to buy one item from this blog post, please let it be the original Matte Revolution Pillowtalk Lipstick. This is probably the most famous lipstick shade in the world because it is universally flattering for so many people. My mom has a weird skin tone and everything looks funny on her... but even Pillowtalk looks amazing. Pillowtalk is a pink lipstick with a subtle berry undertone. It enhances the natural color of your lips without being overbearing, which is why I think it looks good on so many people. 

The Matte Revolution formula is not your typical matte lipstick - it really adds a plumping, pouty effect to your lips and isn't drying at all. It is too beautiful to even describe. 

Kissing Lipstick in Bitch Perfect

I think this was the first Charlotte Tilbury product I ever bought and it remains one of my favorites. The Kissing Lipstick formula is a straightforward creamy, satin finish and looks stunning in so many ways. The color Bitch Perfect is a nude-toned pink and it just always makes me feel empowered. Maybe it's the name, maybe it's the fact that it's glossy, creamy, and looks really beautiful on my naturally pink lips. I used to wear this lipstick to every job interview and it was almost like my lucky (or maybe unlucky) lipstick and I cherish it! 

Lip Cheat Lip Liner

I am not someone who wears a lot of lip liner and I never really did, until I started wearing Kylie's Lip Kits and needed one for the perfect ultra matte lip. With that, I looked into Charlotte Tilbury lip liners, and honestly, aside from Kylie's, these are my favorite. They are not super creamy so they won't bleed or run all over your mouth yet they aren't drying so it won't be a chore to apply. They also aren't overpowering so you can comfortably use them as intended...to line your lips, without worrying it's going to be so noticeable or ruin a lip look. I have Iconic Nude, Pillow Talk, MI Kiss (which used to be called Bond Girl), and Pillowtalk Intense. They are truly the best liners I've ever used and I don't think I'll ever purchase differently.

So that is it! I really do love Charlotte Tilbury so much and have to talk myself out of replacing everything in my collection with her products at least once a week.

Below are more of my favorites!

Are you interested in trying any Charlotte Tilbury products? If so, which ones? 

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