I skipped last week's round-up post because I simply could not muster up the energy to write before flying off to Nashville. Last week was rough in a few ways: I went back to the office for the first time, went on a really fun Bachelorette party but felt very off, mentally. My anxiety and depression has been off the charts lately and I was really scared I was going to have panic attacks while traveling but it all turned out perfectly fine. 

This week has also been perfectly fine and I haven't had any anxiety or depression this week. I feel good and I'm very grateful, especially because it's my last week of fully remote work. Starting on Tuesday, I head back into Manhattan three times a week and I'm doing my best to not think about it, but truthfully when I went in last week it wasn't bad and it felt really good. Who am I?! 

As we enter April and spring comes along, I'm gearing up for a very busy rest of the year, especially the next 30 days. I have at least one thing every weekend: baby shower, birthday dinner, Easter, wedding and baptism... and then in the coming months tons of bridal showers and weddings happening. It's all exciting, fun stuff and I'm honestly looking forward to everything.

I'm done with the rambling, lets get into it.

PSA: The Sephora sale starts today for VIB Rouge. I'll have an updated post next week but in the meantime, take a look at my picks from the November sale.

Pink Positvity of the Week 

Bridgerton season 2 is hands down the most positive thing of the week. I couldn't resist starting the first episode in Nashville and finished the entire season by Sunday night. I've already rewatched it and finished reading the book companion. I cannot get enough of it and it has occupied my mind all week long. 

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