There's been a phenomenon happening on social media lately and that is everyone showing off what's on their nightstand. I've always loved my nightstand and whenever I haven't had one, I miss it. It's the perfect little homey place to keep everything you love and use daily.

It also says so much about a person; what's on their nightstand tells you a story of their needs, what they enjoy, and their style. It's so interesting, like peeking inside someone's handbag or fridge. 

Because my nightstand is always filled with everything I need, I figured I'd give you a look at what I keep by my bedside.

I've had my nightstand since I was in high school. It matches the rest of my furniture and is still in excellent condition for being over 10 years old. In the two drawers, I keep my underwear, socks, bras, and some of my pajamas while on top is an ever-changing batch of goodies.

Most of the time, on top of my nightstand, are books, journals, and a lot of different wellness items that I use throughout the day or just want easy access to.

First up, all the wellness (and two products I keep on my nightstand:

Now for the other side of my nightstand, which is mostly book focused.

A few other items are my iPad Mini and it's Stoney Clover Lane case, the Wellness Journal from Papier and my Nod Pod Weighted Eye Mask.  I also store all my wellness essentials in a little glass tray I got from Target a few years back that says "Let's Get Brunch" because I cannot resist anything that says brunch on it! Here's another beautiful tray that is even more elevated and chic. 

And that's it! I might have a few too many things on this tiny night stand but I'm obsessed and that's ok.

What do you have on your nightstand? 

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