Happy February! This is on the low end of the totem pole for my least favorite months because it sort of marks the end of winter. I also was never really a fan of Valentine's Day but as I've gotten older and less bitter about my lack of love life, I've learned to appreciate the holiday more even if just for the theme.

I love a good theme and I obviously love the color pink so why wouldn't I love Valentine's Day? Everything is cuter with pink hearts and red lips! I am a sucker for all the adorable items that brands start releasing in mid-January and it feels like each year, the products get better and better. This year is no expectation. Everyone from Nordstrom to Kate Spade to Target has the cutest items to decorate your home and your closet with.

I'm celebrating the day of love by rounding up my most coveted Valentine's Day products from my favorite brands and retailers... 

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