I have been talking about Skyn Iceland and their eye masks for years... probably since I started the blog. The first time I spoke about them was in a post from 2015, all about their skin hangover kit. I did a brand buzz post about them in 2016 and then mentioned the eye gels again in 2018.

I figured it was time to do a truly dedicated post about the best eye gels in the world... and I've tried a lot of eye gels. 

For me, my eyes are extremely sensitive. I am constantly having allergic reactions to different products, I have eczema flare-ups once a week and I just need to be really careful with what I put around my eyes. 

I am also someone who loves eye products, mostly because I feel like all my skin problems relate to my eyes: dryness, puffiness, dark circles, etc. I also love a good mask and time to myself to relax... there's also something really fun about eye products, almost a little luxurious. Think about Kyle Richards with her gold eye patches on RHOBH or literally any celebrity getting ready for an award show... they always have eye masks on while getting their hair and makeup done!

Because of my love of eye products, I've tried so many, almost to the point of obsession. From creams to concealers to, of course, eye masks, I've tried them all and I definitely have my favorites. 

Over the course of seven years, I have tried a lot of different eye patches; from ones that say they will hydrate, de-puff, smooth, and brighten. Some of them have been great and I really liked them and others I will never purchase again.

The one expectation to the rule? The one item that has rocked my world and probably my most repurchased beauty item of all time? The Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels.

Here are just a few reasons I love them:

  • They stay in place without slipping and sliding all over the place
  • They get really cool in the refrigerator but also stay very cool on their own 
  • They really do depuff your under eyes and feel really soothing on the skin- my eyes also look a little brighter afterward which is perfect
  • They aren't drenched in product and are very watery
  • They aren't scented and never irritate my skin

Honestly, my most favorite thing about these eye gels is that they stay in place. The side that goes on your eyes is a gel texture but the other side is soft, almost cottony and they stay where you leave them. Other eye masks are gel all around and are soaked in the product so they don't stay put and you feel like you have to lay down with your head propped up on a pillow. With Skyn Iceland, I can go about my business, sit at my desk and not worry about them falling off my face.

The eye patches are 100% vegan and cruelty-free, while also being dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested which is probably why they don't irritate my skin. They also have a ton of good ingredients to lock in moisture, plump fine lines & wrinkles, while also fighting free radicals and helping de-stress the skin. That's really Skyn Iceland's entire brand message, to destress the skin which is exactly why I love them.

Like I said, I've used other eye patches in the past because I am just curious and love to test out new brands and products but truly nothing compares to the Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels. You can find them at Ulta, Amazon, and of course on Skyn Iceland's website.

Have you tried these eye patches? Do you think you will?

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