Well, look at that, a fresh start... the first week of 2022 is in the books and it was a rough one. I tested positive for Covid on Tuesday and I've been in bed ever since.

I knew I was going to get it at some point and when I started feeling achy and sick on Monday, I knew it had to be Covid. I took an at-home test on Monday and it was negative so I figured maybe it was the flu... but then Tuesday I woke up with the worst sore throat of my life and took another test; it came up positive immediately. 

I've been in bed all week, my throat is truly on fire and as someone who has gotten strep throat every year until I was 23, I have never felt so bad. I'm feeling better on Thursday and Friday but it was very up and down; one minute I'd feel fine and then the next it was too much.

I've been out of work all week (with a few email check-ins) but I really hope I feel better over the weekend so I can get back to work and some sort of routine.

Because I was sick all week, I've felt so unlike myself. I didn't want to read, didn't want to watch tv, I could only scroll on my phone. It was not how I wanted to spend my first week of the new year... I had all these plans to be on routine and get to a good place and now I'm sick in bed and it's just annoying.

I might do a blog post about my covid experience because I think it's interesting (and important) to understand that it affects everyone differently but for now, let's get into the post.

Pink Positivity of the Week

I'll be honest, it was really hard to think positive this week. I was scared, I felt horrible and I just wanted to cry all week. I think the only positive I could think of is that I got an extended vacation and was able to really rest.

Links I Loved

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What I Bought This Week

I am only buying necessities/restocks this month in honor of low/no buy with one treat allowed... I of course have already spent that treat on some of the Chanel beauty line.

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