My Fall 2021 Moodboard

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 Fall is everything to me and more. I come alive in the fall and it makes me feel completely like myself. I've waxed poetic about the fall so many times over the years but this past week I really got into the spirit. 

I put my Halloween decorations out, watched Hocus Pocus too many times, lit my candles and just felt fall-y. I was struggling a bit at first, putting myself into the spirit but I think that's because I was in Charleston for the first few days of October and it confused me. Truthfully, I've felt confused/displaced for the past week or so, adjusting to the cooler temperatures and getting back into the swing of things but that's a different post for a different day. 

I figured that since I've been having a little trouble getting into the fall spirit, I'd put together a little fall mood board to keep me on track, put me in a good mood, and envision all the things I love about fall or want to do this season. 

PS: I did a HUGE thing over the weekend and it made me so happy. I've been wanting to put together something like this for a while and I finally did it, and I'm obsessed.

I put together a Fall Reading Guide, filled with all my favorite books that either take place in the fall, involving witches and magic, or make me feel cozy the way fall does. It's free to download, or just skim, on Issu so please read, save and go out and get some of my recommendations!  I will be doing these for every season so look out for the holiday/winter one coming soon!


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