Happy Friday! This week was a little bit better than last, thankfully! It was the first day of fall, I started watching The Morning Show (only on the first season still) and I just feel a little more peaceful which is fantastic. 

This weekend I have a bridal shower and some things to do around the house before I go to Charleston on Thursday! I'm really looking forward to it but I do always get a little nervous before traveling. Being away from home and flying make me anxious and it takes a bit for me to get adjusted but I know once I'm there, I'll have fun.

I'll be sure to share a little guide to what we did once I get back, and of course, some packing content! This is the first bachelorette party I'm going on so I'm sure I'll have a lot to share.

I don't have much else to ramble on about so let's dive into the post!

Pink Positivity of the Week

Feeling more at peace definitely was a highlight of the week. I have been really stressed out lately but having a little bit of a break was good for me. I've also been really loving The Morning Show and can't believe it took me so long to watch it! 

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