We are finally wrapping up the trilogy of reviews in the Olive & June x SCL saga. This week is the shade "LHG", named after the other founder, Libby Glazer. 

This is the palest of the colors in the collection and it's described as a neutral with a touch of pink and that is spot on. It's almost white when applied to the nails but you can tell that there is some pink mixed in.

I really loved this color when I first saw it in the bottle and I felt that it filled a void in my collection. I have a few pale colors but they aren't the ones I gravitate most towards, though I think they are a necessity to have. It's almost like having a little black dress in your wardrobe... everyone needs a pale pink in their nail polish collection! 

I will be honest though, I don't think I will be wearing much of this shade until the spring because I am fully in fall mode right now and this just doesn't mesh with my vibe right now. I want all the vampy, dark colors on my nails, not pale pinks. That doesn't mean I don't love this shade and don't think that you shouldn't pick it up -- if you love pale pinks all year round, by all means, run to Olive & June's website to purchase this. 

Just like the other SCL colors, LHG goes on smoothly and perfectly, though with a few more patchy bumps, just because of the nature of the formula. I've found with any and all pale shades, they take a little more TLC to apply and get looking great. I think it probably has to do with the ingredients that make up something so light in color. 

However, this was one of the better pale polishes I've ever used. It went on pretty smoothly with some patches in a few areas and it stayed on nicely until I removed it (to replace it with some fall colors!). It dried nicely, was opaque enough, and looked beautiful on my nails. My mom, who is a massive fan of pale polish, fell in love with this color and I know she'll probably be stealing it from me soon.

All in all, this collection from Olive & June and Stoney Clover Lane is a must-have. Two of my favorite brands came together to deliver beautiful, perfect colors for everyone who likes pink! This collab also made me fall deeper in love with Olive & June as a whole, from their polishes to the nail care essentials, I just want everything the brand has to offer!

What do you think? Are you going to be picking up these SCL polishes? 


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