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Back in May, I featured this brand and its products in a Beauty in Review post but now it's time to give them all the brand love.

I've heard about Maelove for years, mostly from one of my favorite beauty influencers, Jessica Braun. She raved about their serums and oils for so long but I never took the plunge and bought their products. I have a hard time buying products that aren't featured at a major beauty retailer like Nordstrom, Sephora or Ulta. Maelove isn't available at any of those places and can really only be found at their direct-to-consumer website.

However, I was in luck because the brand reached out to me and wanted to send me (almost) their entire line of products to try. I was through the roof and the moment I opened the package, I incorporated all the products into my night routine. *Most of these items I exclusively use at night because of the nature of the ingredients. 

Before we get into the products, let's talk a bit about the brand.

Who is Maelove? 

Maelove is a good-for-you skincare brand that uses powerful but safe ingredients to give you luxury skincare at a decent, accessible price. Their products are vegan, cruelty-free, safe for sensitive skin, and free of parabens, dyes, fragrances, and all those other yucky ingredients. 

I have very sensitive skin so it's super important that Maelove drives that home with their products. 

The brand has been around for a number of years and was started by a group of friends who were passionate about creating luxury skincare products at a good price and they do this with a streamlined approach to developing products. You can read more on their about page. 

One of the many fantastic things about the brand? There is a 100-day guarantee so if after 100 days of use you aren't satisfied with your product you can get a full refund! Not many brands do that and I think that's so important and measures up to their accessibility message. 

The Packaging

One of my favorite things about the brand, before I even tried the products was, of course, the packaging. Doesn't that always hook you? And it's supposed to! That's the entire point of pretty packaging, to entice buyers. 

The thing I love most about the packaging is how simple it is. It's so straightforward and approachable but still very pretty. That minimalistic approach looks pretty on your vanity, in your bathroom, and on Instagram which I think gives the brand some extra edge. 

The Products

Let's get into the products, shall we? I have only tried Maelove's serums, oils, one SPF, and one scrub but they have a lot of other items you might like! I'm interested to try their moisturizers and eye cream. 

The products I have but haven't tried yet are: Love31 Precious Face Oil and Moonlight Retinal Super Serum

Out of everything I used, I would have to say that I use the Hydrator and Calming Serm the most, probably because those are two skin concerns. I try to use the Hydrator nightly and the Nia10 Calming serum when I feel like my skin needs a break.

I also will use the Stargaze before both products if I want to give my skin some extra TLC. Glowmaker, I usually apply in the morning (if I remember or if my skin is looking extra dull).

The beauty of all these products is that they are very straightforward. They don't have any crazy names where you are unsure of what they do and the ingredients are simple and well explained on the outer packaging and on the website. I love that I can look at the name of the "Nia10 Calming Serum" and know what to expect. Simple skincare is sometimes better! 

Nia10 Calming Serum

This serum is perfect for those with sensitive, inflamed, dry or acne-prone skin because it calms the skin, boosts moisture, and improves the skin texture the more you use it. It also addresses any redness if your skin is acting up. Whenever my skin is super dry or needs a little help in calming down, I love slathering this on. This is usually the first step of my nighttime after any toners, essences, or other treatments. 

Nia10 is formulated with Niacinamide (hence the Nia10 name), Zinc (to help with acne) and White Tea extract (for those calming benefits). 

The Hydrator 

Before this product, I only ever really moisturized my skin with thick creams and maybe a facial serum here and there. However, I love putting this on after the calming serum to lock in moisture and give my skin the nourishment it constantly craves.

The Hydrator is formulated with Hyaluronic acid and you can apply it either in the morning or night because it layers well with other products including serums, moisturizers, SPF, and makeup. It instantly boosts the skin and gives you so much moisture, without being greasy which is always a plus. 

Stargaze Enhanced Retinol 

Retinol is such a tricky product if you aren't educated about skincare and ingredients but Maelove makes it simple. Stargaze is great retinol for beginners, which I consider myself even though I have used others, and it's formulated without everything that makes your skin 'purge' when you start using a retinol product. The product also contains hydrating and calming ingredients, like hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, aloe, and white tea... this will help your skin adjust to the retinol without any adverse reactions. 

I have been exclusively using this retinol since I got it and while I'm not truly consistent, it doesn't irritate or dry out my skin which I'm grateful for. I do notice that my skin just looks better when I do consistently use it. Note that consistency is up to 3x a week and no more! 

If you are a beginner and are unsure how your skin will react to a powerful ingredient like retinol, I do recommend this versus Maelove's Moonlight serum which is for advanced skincare users! 

*Retinol is a great anti-aging ingredient that reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

The Glow Maker Antioxidant Serum

I'm almost positive this serum is Maelove's best seller and what they are most known for. Vitamin C serums are so important for dull, discolored skin because it adds some life back into your complexion! The Glow Maker is formulated with Vitamin C, E, hyaluronic, and ferulic acid so not only is it going to brighten your skin but will hydrate it at the same time. 

Those ingredients also make the serum ideal for daytime use since it allows for more nourishment, quick absorption, and easy makeup application.

This is a Vitamin C serum that I truly feel like I see a difference in daily use. My skin just looks so much brighter and spots are faded, especially my acne scars, this has been a huge help because I've had so many breakouts and they scar after I pick them! 

I really need to use it more often because I know that my skin will look and feel even better! 

My Thoughts and Recommendations

I can't speak to the other products I have but haven't used yet but I'm excited to try them! I will say that the SPF and Exfoliator aren't my favorite and I have ones that I reach for more often. I think Maelove's bread and butter are really their serums and oils.

If you had to choose one product from this list to buy I think I would recommend the Nia10 Calming Serum and/or The Glow Maker because they are the most useful and I think unlike anything else on the market. I also feel like everyone, despite skin type, can find a place for these products in their routine.

Have you tried Maelove? What are your thoughts?

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