It's August which means that summer is almost over and it's time to welcome the best season ever. I truly wait for August all year because it means I am one step closer to the fall, one step closer to Christmas, and one step closer to being the happiest I am all year.

If you're new, I will continue to write almost every roundup post with a similar sentiment until October so get ready!

July was a pretty solid month; I was on vacation in Mexico for a bit, spent time with family and friends, and just got a hold of my mental health and new work responsibilities. It was a resetting month in a lot of ways and for that, I'm happy to say goodbye to it. 

I still loved a lot of things this month, almost all of the new and sort of random! Let's dive right into it...

Skinny Confidential Hot Mess Ice Roller

When Lauryn Evarts Bossick aka The Skinny Confidential said she was coming out with a beauty product, it was no surprise that it was an ice roller. Lauryn has been talking about ice rolling and puffy face relief for years and I knew that this was going to be good. I pre-ordered the GTFO Of The Sun Kit so it came with the ice roller, the Ice Queen Oil, and her new book. 

I've never used an ice roller before but I have used Gua Sha and Jade/Rose Quartz rollers so I figured it was similar. Well, it's so much more. This ice roller is a beast, it's everything you could ever want and it's so freaking cute!

The roller stays cold for hours... literally. I've kept it on my bedside table for an entire day and it's still cold when you roll it on your skin. It feels incredible on the face and really helps depuff in the AM. It's also perfect for my puffy, tired eyes when my allergies are acting up. I've also used the roller on my legs after shaving because my skin is usually on fire afterward and wow, it was the best solution ever.

The special thing about this ice roller is the fact that the roller itself is metal so it stays cool for an extremely long time (Lauryn says it 'holds it's cold' which is so true) and the handle is designed to perfectly fit your hand, it has a thumbprint indent and everything. If you're serious about beauty tools, you need to get yourself this ice roller.

Glossier Balm Dot Com

I've been a fan of Glossier Balm Dot Com for years. It's the only lip balm that truly works for me day in and day out and never disappoints. I was due for a new tube and wanted to try a scent I've never tried before so I decided on Mango. It's summer, it was right before I went to Mexico and I figured it was perfect timing. Well, this lip balm smells incredible. It's the same, thick, nourishing formula as every other Balm Dotcom but the smell is intoxicating. It is summer in a tube and smells so fresh and delicious... but it doesn't irritate your lips nor does it leave behind any color. It's perfect in every way! If you're looking for a new lip balm but can't seem to find one that actually sinks into your lips and deeply moisturizes them, you need to try Glossier.

Ello Glass Tumbler

I've been doing some damage at Target this month and it started with this water tumbler. I was in the mood to spend money and wanted a new water bottle... I was originally going to get the Simple Modern one but Target didn't have pink and I simply needed the pink one. However, they had this Ello Tumbler and I kind of fell in love with it. I've been using it all month and I'm really obsessed. It's glass and very heavy but it has silicone skin on top of it so you can have a good grip. The straw is super wide and I like the plastic cover; it's just so good! My water doesn't stay cold nor does it do anything special but just the way it feels in my hand and drinking out of it, it's so good! 

Smart Sweets

This is a random favorite but I have to include it. I can't seem to shake my sweet tooth and I don't want the sugar nor the calories so SmartSweets is where it's at. If you don't know, this is a low-sugar candy company that puts a unique twist on your favorite candies. They've been around for a bit and used to just have gummy bears, Swedish fish, and peach rings but lately, they have been knocking it out of the park with the new kinds. They're also easier to find which is another reason they're showing up on this list. This month I tried the gummy worms, licorice, and the NEW lollipops... another classic favorite of mine is the sour watermelon which tastes like sour patch watermelons and I love it! The lollipops taste like jolly ranchers, gummy worms remind me of Halloween, and the licorice is like a more delicious Twizzler. The entire bag of these sweets has 3g of sugar which is awesome and they really satisfy that gummy craving. 

What did you love this month?
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