If you know me IRL or follow me on social media, my love of Stoney Clover Lane knows no bounds. It's a bit of an obsession, sometimes unhealthy but I've always had that kind of personality. I love the things I love, and I love them hard. I cannot help it! 

When I found out that Stoney Clover was doing a collaboration with one of my other favorite brands, and this time in beauty, I was over the moon. Olive & June has great nail polishes, many of which I've used and I've been getting back into over the past few months thanks to purchasing some new shades. I also love the branding and the community that Olive & June built, and that is how both brands are similar. 

The basis of this collaboration was that SCL created three exclusive shades for Olive & June and two different patches of Olive & June nail polish bottles. 

On top of that, you could buy the entire Olive & June mani system & all three polish shades bundled in a Stoney Clover Lane travel pouch with an exclusive "Nail Stuff" patch sewn onto the front.

I have enough SCL pouches and didn't want the entire mani system so I ordered all three individual shades from Olive & June's website. They arrived last week and I waited a few days (my nails have been in bad shape since a gel manicure removal) to use them.

The shades are SCL which is a classic, soft bubblegum pink, KAG which is peachy sand, and LHG, a very neutral pink that is almost white.


First up, I decided to use SCL because I was feeling something super pink, feminine, and summery. As I said above, my nails have been in horrible shape because of the way I took my gel manicure off so I wasn't anticipating that this manicure would look good. 

For reference, I had painted my nails the week before for a wedding I went to with an Essie polish and my nails didn't come out looking so hot. However, with O&J, it was pretty fantastic.

I used the nail strengthener from Olive & June as my base coat and then applied two coats of SCL. They went on pretty great, not chunky or patchy and the color was super opaque, more than I was expecting. In the bottle, the color doesn't look as pink as it does on the nails which I'm grateful for.

As much as I love Olive & June, some colors have been hit or miss for me over the years but this SCL shade is one of my favorites. It didn't catch onto any 'dry' patches that my nails had, didn't spill onto my cuticles, and dried down to a beautiful cream finish.

I topped the two coats with the Olive & June Super Glossy Top Coat which has been my go-to for a while. It made the manicure come to life and look complete.

SCL is the perfect year-round shade... the entire collection really screams 'all year round' which I love because I tend to put colors into seasonal categories but I'm glad I can wear all three shades right through fall and winter. I also think all of the shades, even SCL, are neutral and subdued enough to wear to a wedding which has been my way of thinking as of late.

I love everything Stoney Clover Lane does and I love everything Olive & June does so it's not a surprise that this collaboration is a hit for me.

Shop more of the collaboration below! 

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