Happy Friday! This was a weird week... pretty slow yet lightning fast. It was a short week for me; I had one of my oldest friend's wedding Sunday night and then took off on Monday to relax. Tuesday, I was a hair model for one of my friends and I got a gorgeous haircut, so I feel like a new person. 

That being said, the week was weird and work was super busy so I took a week off of the blog. Every night this week, I was completely exhausted and just didn't have the energy to write. That'll be different this weekend, I had plans with friends on Sunday but Saturday is all about writing... articles & blog posts. 

I made myself a goals list for July, both personally and for the blog/freelancing. It was really refreshing and it helped clear my mind. Goal setting has been really important to me lately, so I'll definitely talk more about that, but this weekend will be all about checking some goals off the list!  

Pink Positivity 

The wedding on Sunday was incredible! I had the best time with my friends, was so happy for the bride & groom, and it felt amazing to be in a crowded room with strangers again! It felt totally normal and was a real highlight. It made me so excited for the rest of the weddings I have this year.

Links I Loved

What I Bought This Week

Have a great weekend everyone!
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