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This is such a random topic but I wanted to talk about it anyway. I love newsletters so much -- I think it's so fun to have something delivered to your inbox every day, week, or month and be able to read it consistently.

I love how cheeky some are, how exclusive they can be, and just love to absorb as much content as possible. Over the years I've subscribed to a lot of different newsletters and some I've loved, some were just ok and some were just too over the top. 

It feels like newsletters have been a hot topic over the past year and everyone is starting one, therefore, I've subscribed to a lot more over the past year, and therefore, this blog post was born! From a business perspective, newsletters are very smart. It's always been important for corporations and small businesses from an e-commerce perspective, but it's so important from the blogger/influencer world. 

A newsletter is something you own, it's something you completely control and when you have that email list the possibilities of what you can do with it are endless. That's why I think so many people are starting newsletters because they are finally understanding the importance of it. 

Some of the newsletters on this list are news-focused, some are celebrity/influencer-focused, and others are just fun and light-hearted.

That being said, subscribe to my newsletter! I share one 2-3x a week but I promise it's not spammy! Sundays are all about pop culture and are basically just a long ramble but it's fun; Mondays are the best sellers from my blog and social media that week, and then Thursdays is a roundup of items I've been loving. 


This was the first newsletter I ever subscribed to and the one I continually recommend. theSkimm sends out daily news roundups, everything from politics to tech to world news. Anything trending and important to know is in theSkimm. It breaks down the most important news of the day into digestible snippets that are easy to understand. Sometimes, the news is overwhelming and difficult to comprehend, but theSkimm changes that and makes everything readable and interesting. 

Sign up for theSkimm with my link here.

The Newsette

Similar to theSkimm, The Newsette is a daily newsletter that gives you the news you need to know that day. However, The Newsette is a bit more lifestyle-focused which I appreciate. It breaks up the bad news with some fun, light-hearted tidbits and usually features a roundup of products or an interview with an impressive woman. It's probably the newsletter I look forward to the most.

Sign up for The Newsette with my link here. 

Please Like Me

I go back and forth with this newsletter but I always read it so I must like it! It's sponsored by Buzzfeed,  has multiple writers, and is sent out on Fridays. It's all about influencers and social media -- usually painted in a negative light. I have a real issue with people not respecting influencers and putting a lot of pressure/hate onto them because um, I consider myself an influencer and I understand the world from both a business and personal perspective but I digress. I do like the newsletter because it's not always negative, does offer interesting perspectives, and is nice to have all influencer news in one place. 

Sign up for Please Like Me here

Girls Night In

I love this newsletter so much! It's sent out weekly, on Fridays, and is just so wholesome. It's very lifestyle, self-care, and product-focused so you won't be getting any negativity from it which is nice. This newsletter feels like a warm hug and is just so wonderful! I cannot recommend it enough for someone who needs a little brightness in their life.

Sign up for Girls Night In here

Lindsay Silberman's Newsletter

I don't know what it is but I'm obsessed with this newsletter. It's put on by an influencer and business owner, Lindsay Silberman. She has been blogging for quite some time and is also the owner of Hotel Lobby Candles which sells luxury candles that smell like different hotels... so cute! I recently listened to her on a podcast and immediately signed to her newsletter, followed her blog, and socials. She sends out multiple emails a week focusing on different topics; they range from blog post roundups, favorite products, and just some fun tips. The email itself is so aesthetically pleasing, it's just so nice and one of my favorite influencer newsletters ever! 

A few other favorites are The Morning Brew, Marketing Brew, and Wake Up Call with Katie Couric

What are your favorite newsletters?

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