My body barely sees the sun anymore. I work inside all week, the beaches are too crowded on the weekends and it always seems like there's something going on. If I am in the sun, it's usually by a friend's pool for a few hours so it's not enough to burn or really need after sun care.

That changed this past week obviously because I was in Mexico and I got burnt to a crisp but it's already a beautiful tan and I'm so pleased. However, before I went away, I wanted to be prepared to care for my skin post-sun. I know that because I don't go in the sun and I was going to be spending most of my time at the beach and pool, my skin was going to freak out, and that it did.

I looked high and low for post-sun care and I found a few gems. I also have some tried and true staples that are perfect for relieving sunburn, prolonging your tan, and just making sure your skin is cared for after being in the sun all day.

Sun Bum Cool Down Hydrating Aloe Lotion

This is what I bought new for my trip and I used it every night after showering... it's amazing. The lotion itself doesn't have any cooling effect but is packed with ingredients to help relax your skin, and it really works! It helped my sunburn disappear quickly and kept my tan hydrated and looking good. It definitely did prevent peeling because I only started peeling days after I got home when I stopped using the lotion. If you're someone who burns easily or just wants to prolong your tan, I highly recommend this lotion. It's a real game changer!

Sephora Watermelon After Sun Mask

This is a sheet mask I've been using for years but it was out of stock before my trip. It cools your face, helps with the dry, tight feeling you get after the sun and it helps with the redness from a burn. It even comes with a chest/décolleté mask to cool that area. It feels so good on the skin and is just such a good mask to stock up on during the summer months.

Because the mask was out of stock, I bought this Sun Bum one but didn't use it! I feel like it's probably really good though.

Herbivore Botanicals After Sun Mist

I should've rebought this before my trip and I'm so mad I didn't! I had this a few years ago but used it all because it's so good! This spray is super cooling and feels amazing on the skin. It doesn't do a lot of hydrating, like the lotion, but it relieves that hot, burning feeling instantly. Unlike the lotion, it really does cool the skin and I also think it does a good job at preserving your tan. The directions say to put it in the fridge for extra cooling effects and I think that sounds like a great idea!

What are your favorite after sun care products?

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