May felt like a really slow month and I'm not sure why. Nothing really happened in May but I did feel like I did a lot. It was the first month in a while that things felt normal; I went to a lot of parties (i.e: bridal showers, weddings, communions) and with the nice weather, it felt like the true start of summer which I'm not hating as much as I usually do.

Memorial Day Weekend was a wash out which I was fine with even though I was busy the entire weekend and as I'm writing this on Monday, I'm exhausted. I just woke up from a two hour nap and know I won't be able to sleep tonight.

Summer is kicking off hot with so many upcoming plans; I have a ton of weddings this summer and a trip to Mexico, my first vacation since I went on spring break senior year of college (that is if you don't count my Disney day trip in 2016 with my old job). I'm really excited for Mexico and can't wait to celebrate all my friends' marriages! 

Summer also brings summer Fridays and I can't wait for the long weekends. It'll be nice to have a few more days to myself to get blog stuff done and try to reframe my routines. Work from home is still going strong, if you didn't know and we'll be back to a hybrid model come the fall. Therefore, I'm going to take advantage of working from home for the next three months. I have really mixed feelings about the return to normal but that's an entirely different blog post.

For now, let's dive into everything I loved this month! All of these are rediscovered items in my collection and you've probably heard about them before but that's the beauty of favorites, they always come back around!

Stoney Clover Lane Silk Scrunchies

A few months ago SCL released silk scrunchies (and eye masks) and I was curious to try the scrunchies. I have my tried and true Slip Silk scrunchies and didn't see the point in switching but I'll try anything Stoney Clover puts out. Well, I've had the scrunchies for a while but really didn't start consistently using them until this month. I think I much prefer them to the Slip ones now. The SCL scrunchies don't stretch out as much as the Slip ones, keep their shape and I feel like they hold a lot more hair, because they are thicker and a little larger. My hair feels secure when in these scrunchies and they don't leave any creases which is probably the most important feature in my opinion. I will probably be purchasing these scrunchies over the Slip ones from now on.

Lele Sadoughi Headbands

This shouldn't be a surprise because I've talked about my love of Lele before but lately I've been into them again. These are the most comfortable, beautiful headbands I've ever purchased and will never purchase a different brand, ever. Nothing compares. They are well made, beautifully designed and so comfortable so I never get a headache or feel like the headband is annoying me. They aren't made of plastic, from what I can see so they don't tightly hug your head. I love how these headbands complete a look, add something special and are almost like putting a piece of jewelry on... it's an accessory in the best way! 

Stoney Clover recently partnered with Lele on a new Gingham collection and I picked up the Watermelon headband. It has crystals adorned on top and it's my first crystal headband from Lele... it's stunning. It's one of the most beautiful pieces in my collection and really ties any simple outfit together. I wear my headbands a ton in the summer because it's so easy to throw on jeans, a tee and one of these headbands for an effortless look. If you haven't purchased a Lele headband yet, I highly recommend you do! 

Kiss Instawave Automatic Hair Curler

This is a product I have definitely mentioned a ton over the years and I have a rediscovered love for my Kiss Instawave Automatic Hair Curler. Over the past few months I've attended a lot of parties and celebrations where I'm taking photos and I hate the way I look. It definitely is my weight (another blog post for a different day) but I think it was also my hair. I've been wearing my hair straight or with a curly blowout but a few weeks ago I decided to curl my hair with this iron and realized how much I love my hair after I use this iron. When my hair is curly, voluminous, and big, it balances out my fast and I just feel like I look so much prettier. 

This is the easiest and really only curling iron I use; it simply grabs your hair onto the barrel, applies the heat, and then beeps when it's done. Then, you unravel it and voila, you have beautiful curly hair. I never was able to use a regular curling iron so this automatic one is key. 

You could see all my Kiss Instawave posts here: 2014, 2018, 2019

Sweet Earth Cauliflower Mac & Cheese

This is a completely random favorite but I can't get enough of this frozen meal. Sweet Earth Foods is all plant based frozen meals and this cauliflower mac & cheese is to die for. I discovered it in Target during the month of May and then found it at my local Stop & Shop. It's vegan (which I am not) and this dish is just so delicious.  It is literally just macaroni, vegan cheese, cauliflower, and breadcrumb. It has turmeric, sweet potatoes and other good-for-you ingredients 

I've purchased it like many five times over the past few weeks and I'm addicted. It satisfies my mac & cheese craving but I still get the nutrition of cauliflower and the protein of vegan cheese. PSA: I'm back on WW after quitting in January (more on that soon) and it's 8sp on the blue plan which is the same as my Trader Joes Guilt Free Mac & Cheese, but I feel as if the Sweet Earth version keeps me fuller longer.

What did you love this month?

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