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Jewelry has always been one of my favorite genres of accessory. I got my ears pierced when I was only a few months old, got my first piece of real silver jewelry before I was a teenager, and really never leave the house without my rings or bracelets. 

I love how jewelry makes me feel... luxurious, chic, and really put together. I could be wearing a t-shirt and leggings but with some rings and a dainty necklace, I feel like a million bucks. Jewelry makes me feel really feminine, beautiful, and fun! 

Over the years, I've garnered quite the collection of jewelry; though I have my favorites, I always love discovering new styles, trends, and brands. One of the brands that has been on my radar for a bit, one that I've seen around Instagram and have admired their viral pieces is Rellery.

You have definitely seen Rellery around the social media sphere; they are probably best known for their Checker Collection. It's really beautiful jewelry!

Rellery is a women owned business that is designed & made in the US, with a focus on ethical practices. They specialize in personalized pieces made with only precious metals (they are nickel & brass free, which is awesome!) Their story revolves around giving you moments of nostalgia, of providing you with big and small reminders of life's best and most precious moments. I love that, I love a brand with a beautiful story behind it... it makes it that much better! 

The jewelry that Rellery creates is not only beautiful but it's not overly expensive. When jewelry is well made with good materials most companies use that to mark up the price but Rellery keeps the prices moderate and fair. 

The brand reached out and kindly gifted me three pieces which I am completely in love with. I had to have some checkered pieces, like the ring & the heart necklace so I chose those. Then, I really wanted a pair of huggie earrings and these were really calling out to me. 

When I received the jewelry, it was incredibly packaged and super beautiful. I love the pale pink branding so much. My pieces came with two dust bags, one big and one small, along with a cleaning cloth. The jewelry is stunning; it feels incredibly well made and expensive. 

I love the matching ring & heart necklace; the necklace is dainty and lays nicely on the neck while the ring makes a statement yet is almost subtle at the same time. The black and white checkered print means that you can pretty much wear it with any outfit. 

The huggies are perfect - it sounds weird but my piercings are high on my ear lobe so it's hard to find huggies that actually fit. These, however, are perfect! They fit my ears well, don't hang too low and aren't uncomfortable. I like earrings that I can't feel and these are them. I'm a little obsessed. 

Rellery has beautiful pieces that can appeal to everyone, from dainty necklaces & chokers to statement or small earrings

All in all, the pieces are stunning and are already very much loved within my collection. I can't wait to purchase more pieces from Rellery. If you're looking for a new jewelry brand, for yourself or for someone in your life, I can't recommend them enough! 


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