This was a really hard week for so many reasons. I started off Monday feeling very anxious, overwhelmed, and confused about so many things. There was a lot to get done at work, my week was all over the place and then I just crashed. Thursday night was bad... the lowest I've felt in months and it was a scary feeling. 

This afternoon I got really bad family news and it just wrecked me. I don't really know how to handle it and it's weighing on me which is only dragging my mood down further. In addition to that, I have so many upcoming, serious doctor's appointments and it's just a lot. I'm just feeling so much right now. 

I'm trying to make myself better, to find ways of coping, ways to not let the small things take over my life, and to balance my mood & stay positive. It's really hard for me, it's something that I've struggled with for as long as I can remember and it sucks. 

That being said, I have a busy few weeks ahead of me: I have an engagement party AND bridal shower this weekend and the next weekend some fun Memorial Day plans with friends. I'm actually really looking forward to having a booked calendar and hoping I can maintain that excitement. 

Tonight is reserved for pizza, mini apple blossoms from Trader Joes, and Grey's Anatomy. Hoping tomorrow and next week will be better!

Pink Positivity of the Week

I went to the Stoney Clover Lane sample sale on Wednesday and it was awesome! I got some amazing pieces I've been wanting for an insane price but it was also really good to be in Manhattan, to be shopping, and in a chaotic, fun environment like a sample sale. It was invigorating in the best way possible! 

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