Little Loves, Vol 11

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It has been six months since I last shared a Little Loves post and I'm feeling less than happy this week so I figured this was a good compromise. I'm not really sure why I'm feeling so down, I think I'm just anxious and confused about life in general: relationships, career, post-pandemic life... there's just a lot going on and I feel like it's happening all at once. 

I'm at a really big standstill with so many things and it feels overwhelming to make those decisions, or really just to function day to day. I'm not necessarily depressed or dealing with the overwhelming anxiety I usually am but just feel lost. I think a lot of us are feeling that way.

The past few months have been fun though: I've seen my friends a ton thanks to celebrating their upcoming weddings and I know the summer is going to be even more fun. I have my first vacation in almost 8 years planned... thanks to my friend's destination wedding so that'll be a fun getaway.

Otherwise, life is just life. NYC is back and better than ever, I'm fully vaccinated and I'll be WFH throughout the summer. When we do go back to the office, I think it'll look a lot different than what we left in March 2020, which I think lots of people can relate to.

All of that being said, I wanted to share some little pieces of love from the past few months! 

loren hope, bracelet, arm candy, tiffany & co

My new Loren Hope Cotton Candy Ombre bracelet is TO DIE FOR. It's so sparkly and beautiful & I'm obsessed. I paired it with my Tiffany heart bracelet for Mother's Day and loved the mix metal look.

mirror photo, ootd
I purchased a new, really big mirror from Wayfair and I'm trying to get acquainted with OOTD photos. This is me running errands the other day!

rellery, jewelry
I love the Rellery jewelry I received in partnership with the brand. Read my post here.

apple watch, amazon apple watch, pink bracelets, arm candy, arm stack
I'm going to feature this watch in an upcoming post but it's a faux Apple Watch and I've been loving it! It looked so cute with my Park & Beach bracelets.

lilly pulitizer, lilly dress, bridal shower

A quick selfie before heading out to a bridal shower... I've been loving breaking out my Lilly Pulitzer dresses to wear to these events. Similar dress linked here.

allergies, allergy medicine, halls, cough drops, pollen

Allergies have been killer this season. I'm constantly in pain, blowing my nose, putting eye drops in, or just suffering in silence from my bedroom. Pollen is truly the devil. 

brunch, mimosas
A little Mother's Day brunch isn't complete without a mimosa

starbucks, walk, stoney clover
Our company gave us the day off for no reason a few weeks ago and I decided to venture outside for a quick walk. I decided to go to Starbucks and broke out my Stoney Clover Puffy Fanny Pack.

skyn iceland, eye patches, under eye patches, eye gels
My all time favorite eye gel patches... seriously, you need to try them

amanda gorman, the hill we climb, poem, poet
When Amanda Gorman read her poem at the Inauguration I was completely captivated. When the poem was published last month, I could not pass it up! It's a piece of history and I love having it with me.  

beauty, beauty products, pacifica beauty
Pacifica sent me some of their new products to try out and I've been loving them, especially the Wake Up Beautiful Jelly Face Wash.

Have a wonderful day everyone!

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