If you haven't heard, May in Mental Health Awareness Month and even though the month is almost over, I think it's still really important to talk about mental health, especially mine! I've been really open in the past about my anxiety, depression, and overall struggles when it comes to mental health so I think it's only right to give you an update. 

Like so many others, my mental health plummeted during quarantine, mostly toward the end of the summer and all the way through the end of 2020. It was probably my lowest point ever... before I went on medication even. It was really scary and really disheartening. I pride myself on being in control of my mental health, even when I'm feeling low and to not know how to handle it was a weird feeling.

It was so bad that I could barely get out of bed, couldn't muster up a smile or good thought, and cried all the time. I took control though and started implementing some strong changes that have helped. That's the entire point of this post, to walk you through some of my self-care practices that have really made a difference.

mental health


I finally started therapy! I actually have a psychiatrist who has begun regulating my medication and a therapist who has been really helpful in determining some healthy ways to deal with my thoughts and sabotaging behavior. Even if I don't think something is affecting me in the moment, talking it through does really help. It's been a little over two months and I notice a difference in how I handle things, how I process them, and it's just nice to talk to someone about everything and anything. 

Mood Journaling

I'm always an advocate for writing everything down but what I started to do during my really low points is writing down my mood and being really honest with why I think I'm feeling the way I do. Sometimes it's really easy to lie to others about why my mood shifts or why I'm anxious but when I'm journaling about my mood, I'm really honest, no matter how small the reason might be. It helps so much to get all my feelings down on paper and to have a record of when and why I felt so low. I keep this different from my actual journal -- I write in my mood journal as bulleted lists and keep it informal. I also don't write in it every day or even every week, like I do my other 'diary' like journal. I just write when I'm feeling extremely low or anxious. 


While I love my Headspace app and use it pretty much daily, I love a good ASMR video. Whenever I'm feeling chaotic, unsettled, or just need something peaceful I turn to ASMR. Sometimes I can't focus on a meditation and I kind of crave an almost physical, calming sensation so that's why ASMR is better for me. My favorite Youtuber is Lottie Loves ASMR; she has so many different scenarios, a British accent, and is insanely calming. It's the best! 


I've noticed that social media, as much as I love and adore it, can be very triggering for me. Scrolling through negative comments on TikTok or Twitter is probably the worst for me; it's harmful for me to see so much misinformation, fighting, and just blatant disregard for humanity. The best thing for me, though? To put my phone down and get off social media. But I still feel like I need to fill my time with something; sitting and just watching television isn't enough for me. That's when I grab my Nook, Kindle, or physical book and lose myself in a story. It passes the time, is something active I'm doing with my brain & hands, but doesn't put me in a bad mood.

Other random ways I care for myself that really help ground me, put me in a better mood, and take me out of a depressive episode: 

  • An extensive, calming skincare routine
  • Sitting in a dark, cold room with my twinkle lights on
  • Organizing and cleaning my house
  • Making brain dump lists of everything I want to get done over the next week days, weeks, or months
  • Falling asleep to a Headspace Sleepcast meditation 
  • Recording my gratitude in my Five Minute Journal app

What are the ways you take care of your mental health? 

PS: If you ever need to talk about mental health, anxiety, depression or just how you are feeling, please do not hesitate to reach out to me, either on Instagram DMs or email me at briana@royallypink.com

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