Who would've thought that hand sanitizer would be something you needed to review? Over the past year I think we have all tried handfuls (pun intended) of hand sanitizer. Every beauty brand started releasing their own versions, new brands popped up that specialized in sanitizer and we started buying it in bulk.

Before the pandemic, I always carried hand sanitizer with me. I never left the house without it so nothing has really changed for me in that aspect. What has changed is the hand sanitizer market -- everyone has one now so there is so much more to try! I'm all for that -- I love having options when it comes to wellness and beauty. 

Over the course of the year I have tried a lot of hand sanitizers, from tons of different brands. Before the pandemic I mostly used Bath & Body Works because I didn't care for regular Purell, however, right before March 2020, I ordered a Touchland sanitizer and fell in love. The timing was very lucky because for months, hand sanitizer was sold out everywhere and I held onto that bottle for dear life. 

Now we don't have the availability problem but it can be overwhelming to choose a sanitizer where the options are endless. Which is why I'm rounding up the best ones I've tried over the year. To me, a good hand sanitizer is one that doesn't dry out your skin, absorbs quickly into your hands without leaving behind any greasy residue. I like to use my hands after sanitizing so something that burns or leaves your hands feeling wet is a no go for me. These are the four sanitizers that I've been testing for months and months, and that I love so much! 


This brand started well before the pandemic and they were beginning to get press beforehand. Once the pandemic hit though, Touchland blew up and their sanitizers were hard to come by. They're now sold in Ulta, and Revolve; Touchland even sells to corporate companies like Louis Vuitton so if you go into one of their stores, you can use Touchland sanitizer at the door. 

What I love most about Touchland is the compactness of the bottle (it resembles an iPhone 4) and the fact that it's a spray bottle. Before them, I didn't know spray sanitizers existed and I'm so glad that is becoming the norm. It's so easy to just spray your hands, rub it in, and be on your way. It doesn't leave your hands wet, goopy or with a horrible, dry feeling. It absorbs into your skin immediately and just feels great. I love that it comes in different scents and colors, just to add something fun to something so mundane. 

Touchland is definitely a chic, fun option and one of my favorites.

Dove Nourishing Hand Sanitizer

I'm not sure how I discovered this one but I'm so glad I did.  If there is anyone to make a nourishing, moisturizing hand sanitizer that feels nothing like a hand sanitizer it's definitely Dove. I picked up an at-home pump size at first and immediately fell in love. I stumbled upon the travel size and really haven't been using another one for months. When I leave the house, the Dove Nourishing Sanitizer is in my bag. 

This is more like a hand lotion with a touch of sanitizer mixed in; it deeply hydrates and moisturizes while also making your hands feel super clean. You would think that a lotion based sanitizer would leave your hands greasy but this is another fast absorbing option. It also smells divine! I have the Shea Butter scent but I'm intrigued by the Lavender & Chamomile. If you have super dry skin and sanitizers usually leave you feeling like a desert, this is definitely the one to pick up. 

Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Touch Hand Sanitizer Spray

If you're going on vacation or just want a summer vibe while you wait for the weather to warm up, this is the sanitizer spray for you. If you've ever tried the Brazilian Bum Bum Cream from Sol de Janeiro you know the scent is a classic, beachy scent; that's what their sanitizer spray is scented with and oh my word, it is insane how good it smells. I'm a little obsessed! This is another non drying formula (it's in the product description and one of their claims) which I love... thanks to the Glycerin that is infused into the formula. It provides some moisturizing properties without stripping your skin.

One of the cons is the packaging -- it's a gorgeous spray bottle but it's a little larger than your average container so it won't fit in the average size handbag and you probably couldn't take it in your carryon if you were doing some vaccinated plane travel.

Kylie Skin Hand Sanitizer

When King Kylie said she was releasing sanitizer I knew it was going to be good and my word is it ever! It's a compact spray bottle with no real scent that instantly absorbs into your hands. It's the perfect travel size and so cute with the pale pink packaging. Aside from the Touchland, this is the sanitizer that I've gone through completely and need a new one because it's that good. I definitely used it the most!

Two honorable mentions: Saturday Skin and Julep Hand Sanitizing Wipes; I like a wipe option when I'm home or to keep in the car and the Saturday Skin is a super compact spray though it's a little more drying than the others and the spray isn't as seamless... it's a still a great option though!

What hand sanitizers have you been loving this year?
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