I've been planning this post for a while but on the heels of the Apple event where they launched new iMacs and an iPad Pro, it felt appropriate to post my review of my 'new' Macbook Air. 

Before this computer, I had a silver 11 inch Macbook Air and I adored it. I bought it myself back in 2016 after getting rid of an old school, white Macbook. I adored my Macbook Air and it was well loved but it was time for it to go. There was no storage left, I couldn't use iMovie nor could I store any documents on it.

I also wanted a bigger screen. After working on a 15 inch Macbook Pro as my work computer for the past year (at home), going to my little computer it was less than ideal. I wanted a bigger screen in addition to needing more storage. 

After reading and comparing the Macbooks, I decided on the 2020 Macbook Air, 13 inch, in Bronze. I wanted the newest computer possible with a decent amount of storage and figured now was my chance to really upgrade my laptop experience. 

That laptop cost just under $1000 and I was trading in my other Macbook so it cost a little under $700. I decided to open an Apple Credit Card and finance the computer; it comes out to $60 a month for a year and that is a bill I can easily pay. I just felt better about that since it was 0% interest and just easier for me. 

When I received the laptop, I was stunned. It is one of the most gorgeous computers I've ever seen. The bronze color looks rose gold (which is amazing) and the screen is really big and clear. The keyboard is very sleek and fun to type on. I just have nothing but good things to say about this Macbook. 

Setting Up the Laptop

I had some issues transferring everything from my old laptop to my new one. I tried to do a cloud transfer instead of connecting the computers and it worked, but after a few tries. It took almost two days and it was really annoying. I don't know if I did something wrong, if it was my wifi or if I was just inpatient but it was quite the process. I save everything to iCloud and even pay for extra storage so it wasn't that I needed to transfer a lot of files, etc. In the process, I did lose some files but nothing important. 

Once I was all set up, it was smooth sailing *knock on wood*. The laptop is fast, easy to use, functional, lightweight, and just beautiful. Everyday that I close my work laptop, I look forward to opening my personal one because it's such a pleasure to be on it. I'm honestly a little obsessed. 

The Pros

  • I love the big(ger) screen. It's so nice to have more space
  • The thinness of a Macbook Air is untouchable. It's so luxurious and lightweight. I never want anything aside from an Air
  • The Touch ID feature is so handy! I love being able to just press my finger to a button to open the laptop
  • Storage is plentiful on this laptop, the M1 Chip makes the computer super speedy, much speedier than my older Macbook Pro that I use for work. I love the fact that the laptop and programs are very up to date.

The Cons

To be honest, I don't have any cons. If I had to pick something it's the lack of USB ports and the fact that I have to use an adapter whenever I want to plug something in. That's the new normal across Apple products so it's not the laptop's fault. 

All in all, I really adore my new laptop. It makes working so much more pleasant and I feel like I'm more motivated to do the things I need to do. When you have the right equipment, everything becomes more seamless. 

Do you like these tech reviews? I'll definitely do more if so! 

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