It's time for another Orosa Beauty review! I think I've finally worked through all the shades I bought last summer of the Coastal Craze by Charli and Dixie D'Amelio as I just tried the Abyss shade.

Abyss is one of Dixie's shades and is a true nude, described as a sandy beige. I loved the shade in the bottle and I did love it on my nails but it's extremely nude. It blended right into my skin and excuse my comparison, but like grandma nail polish. 

It had a very opaque finish so there wasn't a lot of shine to reflect light, which made the nails look very flat. It wasn't an attractive nail color, however, I didn't hate it. It's a very specific kind of look and I kind of liked it! It's not a color I would wear everyday and if you have darker skin than me (I'm pretty fair) it'll probably look even better! 

As the other polishes in this collection, the formula was really great. There was minimal chipping after 3-4 days, it went on very smooth with hardly any patchiness. I'm sure the other Orosa polishes have similar formulas and I'm excited to try other colors. I'm a little bored of my collection so I'll be sure to pick up a few new ones soon!

All in all, I liked the D'Amelio sister collection from Orosa; it felt very on brand for them, the colors are really pretty and the formula is superb. I recommend!

What's on your nails this week?

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