I received this book pre-publication from Netgalley; it was released in August 2020 but I didn't get around to reading it until then. I know I need to get better at reading/reviewing books before or right as they are being released. 

Spoiler alert: "Three Perfect Liars" by Heidi Perks was a really wonderful book and I enjoyed it a lot! 

Publisher's Summary

Laura has returned to work at Morris and Wood after her maternity leave, only to discover that the woman she brought in to cover for her isn’t going anywhere. Despite her close relationship with the agency’s powerful CEO, she feels sidelined—and outmaneuvered—as she struggles to balance the demands of work and motherhood.

Mia was only supposed to be a temporary hire at Morris and Wood, but she’s managed to make herself indispensable to everyone. Everyone, that is, except Laura. If people only knew why she was so desperate to keep her job, they might not want her to stay.

Janie gave up everything to support her husband and the successful agency he runs. But she has her own dark secret to protect…and will go to any lengths to keep it safe.

My Thoughts

This was a book with excellent writing.. truly, I was amazed at how great Heidi Perks put this story together. It wasn't the most original story but still really interesting and I think her ability to tell the story is what made me such a big fan.

To me, the story took a few chapters to get into and I kept getting distracted by the characters, the different point of views, and the layout of the story. At times, the book almost felt like you could've missed something if you weren't paying such close attention to certain plot points or even the climax. 

On that note... the plot did feel like it went on for too long and I felt the climax did come too late but I kept reading because I really wanted to know what happened, who was the criminal, and how did it all come to be. It the same breath, I didn't see the ending coming and it was a total shock. 

As much as I enjoyed the story and how it was told, I didn't find the characters likable; Laura was extremely over dramatic, paranoid and easily was my least favorite even though she had the most to lose if she didn't get her job back. 

Now for a little positivity; I really liked the detective interviews interwoven between the chapters; it gave more insight into the plot, broke up the story a bit while allowing you to see a different point of view. It was also very reminiscent of Big Little Lies which I love. 

This was not a story that was easy to figure out because a lot of details were held close to the chest. As I said before, it sometimes felt like you were missing out on something but I think that was very intentional to try and keep you on your toes. That's why the ending wasn't random and made total sense -- because there were Easter eggs thrown in throughout. It was really wonderful.

"Three Liars" wasn't my favorite book but it was a really great book and I do recommend it! If you're someone who enjoys mystery but doesn't like a lot of graphic content, this is the book for you.


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