For the past few weeks I've been in a light colored nail polish mood... good thing too since spring started this weekend and I changed my nail polish from dark to light. I've been loving all the pink colors in my collection and one of those is the "Candy Clouds" polish from Lights Lacquer.

I received it back in February with the Birthday Brat collection and have used it twice since. Candy Clouds is described as a creamy, soft baby pink with slightly peach undertones. I think it's a very unique pink and that's probably due to the peach undertone. It's super beautiful! To me, it's the perfect pink.

In my opinion, this formula was a lot better than Strawberry Frosting. It seemed a little easier to work with, a little creamier and applied more evenly. It's a color that makes you happy, that makes you look forward to warm weather and I personally think Candy Clouds is a color that can be worn all year long... it's cool enough for the winter but light enough for spring. It's pretty perfect!

Candy Clouds is currently out of stock but I would guess it'll be back online soon!


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