I've been wanting to write this post for a solid year or so but I felt like I hadn't tried enough eyeliners... if you could imagine that! Eyeliner is not my favorite product in the world and I really only wear it on special occasions at this point. I used to religiously wear eyeliner back in the 8th grade, very heavy in the waterline and that lasted for a while but somewhere over the past 6 years, I've learned that eyeliner isn't always necessary.

However, I do still enjoy a good liner, especially when I wing it out properly and everything is right in the world.

For years, I didn't purchase an eyeliner because I worked for a beauty brand that had some of the best eyeliners I've ever tried. Laura Geller eyeliners, to this day, remain my favorite and I took enough on my last day in 2019 to last a lifetime.

Over the past two years, I have purchased a handful of eyeliners because I'm a sucker for good marketing, and there are also a few eyeliners from my past that are just superb. They're all in this post so let's get started!

Laura Geller INKcredible Eyeliners

These are my favorite every day eyeliners. It's as if you took a potted gel eyeliner and put it in a retractable pencil. They glide on very easily yet stay in place all day long. I don't find they transfer if you have watery eyes yet they are very pigmented. It's everything you could want in an eyeliner! You can find them on QVC or Laura Geller's website.. my favorite colors are Blackbird, Brown Sugar, and Beige to Beige!

Laura Geller Baked Kajal Eyeliner

I remember when we were formulating these Kajal eyeliners and all the ladies in the office were fighting over lab samples. At first they were limited edition but they sold really well, and we all loved them so they became a permanent fixture in Laura's line. These are kajal pencils so they are fatter and have a wider tip...however, they are baked. Laura Geller is known for baked makeup so the eyeliner pigments are baked and then formed into the eyeliner shape. They are extremely creamy, glide onto the lid easily and can be smudged out for a more shadowy look. There are so many colors and they're so good, you need to try at least one! 

Charlotte Tilbury Rock 'N' Kohl Eyeliner

Do you think I was going to have a top 5 list and not include Charlotte Tilbury? It's my favorite beauty brand and everything I try I fall in love with. The eyeliners are no different. They are a bit drier than the Laura Geller's but sometimes that is good. I have the shade "Pillowtalk" and it's the only color I've tried. Pillowtalk is a smokey, berry brown shade and I love using it on more casual days. Pillowtalk is a more matte finish, glides on beautifully, and stays in place, yet smudges easily for a smokey look. The eyeliner is waterproof, for 14 hours, which is perfect. I would like to try some of her other shades but Pillowtalk is so good!

Too Faced Killer
Charlotte Tilbury

Eyeko Eye Do Liquid Easy Stroke

Eyeko was the first liquid eyeliner pen I have ever used and I've been chasing that high ever since. I've tried a lot of different liquid eyeliner pens but this is my favorite and I always come back to it. It's easy to use to create a wing eyeliner and is the only eyeliner I've ever successfully used to do so. The eyeliner is long lasting and dries pretty quickly; it's super duper black and looks beautiful on the eye. I'm obsessed! 

Too Faced Killer Eyeliner

This is a newer eyeliner to me but I really love the shade I have, Killer Gingerbread. This is in the same category as the Charlotte Tilbury as I have only one shade and I love it for everyday wear. It's very long lasting (supposed to last 36 hours though I have not tested it for that long) and it just glides on very easily. The color is beautiful and I find that I love wearing just a little bit of it to add something extra to any and all eye looks. If you haven't tried these yet, I think you need to! 

These are all kind of similar and I love them all for the same reason(s) but you can never have too many eyeliners!

What are your favorite eyeliners?

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