I'm so grateful to be on the Lights Lacquer PR list and I'm very happy to have been gifted the latest collection, "Birthday Brat". In honor of Lights Lacquer's first birthday, Kathleen released the Birthday Brat Trio and I'm obsessed. It also comes at the perfect time since Valentine's Day is next week! I love pink polish all year round but it feels extra special around February. 

The collection consists of three colors: two pink shades and a glitter polish. Candy Clouds is a soft, baby pink that has some light peach undertones, Strawberry Frosting is a true, bubble gum pink and Sugar Baby is a gold & pink glitter polish with some chunks of holographic glitter. 

To try out the collection, I painted my nails with Strawberry Frosting and topped it with NCLA's "Heart Attack" topcoat that has small red & pink hearts in it. *You could also get Heart Attack in a duo with NCLA's light pink polish on Revolve

Strawberry Frosting went on like a dream! It was so creamy, opaque, and didn't bleed onto my nail beds. I think this might be my favorite Lights Lacquer formula to date... it just felt a lot better than the other polishes I had and maybe that's because it was a traditional cream polish & a light color! 

Applying 'Heart Attack' was a little more difficult; it was really hard to get the hearts from the nail brush onto the nail. When I did get the hearts onto my nail, it was difficult to get them to stay in place and get more than one onto my nail. After I got the hearts in place, I did apply my Olive & June top coat and it worked out great.

However, I still really loved how the manicure came out, even if it did take a little work and was overflowing with hearts! The manicure lasted a solid 4 days until I started picking at it. With regular nail polish remover, the hearts came out with ease. 

I will definitely be using both colors throughout the year, even after February 14th!

What's on your nails this week?

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