Over the past few weeks I feel like I've been falling back in love with beauty. Maybe it's because I've been going places more or because I did a nice little de-clutter of some areas of my collection but I feel invigorated and refreshed when it comes to my makeup and beauty products in general. 

Because of that, I feel like I've discovered a few hidden gems in my collection but also have picked up a handful of new items that I have been loving. Something I noticed last year was that a lot of brands postponed launches, obviously because of the pandemic, so the market was kind of lackluster -- now we're getting those launches and then some so we have new beauty to look forward too! 

These are the items that I have been using & loving a little more over the past few weeks! 

Sugar Fresh Lip Balm

I picked up a holiday set of these lip balms at the end of December and have been using them nonstop. They're the perfect lip balm to have on under your mask because it really seeps into your lips and if you are using a tinted one, it's such a slight tint it won't rub off on your mask. These are the lip balms I keep in my purse, my night stand and my desk -- they're hydrating, emollient and really work. I've been on and off these balms for years only because they melt super fast but being that it has been below freezing for a few weeks here in NYC, I'm not having that issue. When the warm weather comes, I just need to be reminded how good these lip balms actually are. 

Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Foundation

This is my newest foundation purchase and I bought it a few months ago. I've been lusting after this one for years and finally decided to try it. Well, I am obsessed and it's the only foundation I've been wearing. It's light enough to apply with your hands as a light weight foundation or you can build up coverage with a sponge or brush. I've applied it both ways and love them equally! Even when you apply with a sponge or brush, it's still a light weight foundation that has good coverage and makes your skin look great. It gives a natural to satin finish so it's not matte nor is it overly glowy -- I feel like my skin looks like skin when I wear this and it's exactly what I'm looking for in a foundation. I am constantly reaching for this whenever I need to apply makeup and it just reaffirms the fact that Charlotte Tilbury is my favorite beauty brand.

Too Faced Killer Eyeliner

For years I never purchased eyeliners because I worked for Laura Geller and was obsessed with our eyeliners. I haven't worked there in over two years so it's time to start thinking about testing other eyeliners -- enter Too Faced Killer. These were released a few months ago but I just picked one up in January. I got the shade "Killer Espresso" which is a dark brown, a shade I was desperately in need of. I love this liner so much and wear it constantly! It's very creamy (so be careful when applying) but it's also long wearing and doesn't really smudge. I like the brown color because it's softer than your traditional black and it leaves you with a less intense, but still dark eye look. I love how easily this liner applies because it doesn't skip on my lids nor does it This is a liner you need to sharpen so keep that in mind but I definitely want to pick up another shade. 

Foreo Luna Mini 3

When Clarisonic announced it was shutting down, I was devastated. How was I supposed to clean my skin now? I've been using a Clarisonic for years and it was the one tool I was truly in love with. It kept my skin acne free, really deep cleaned and made my skin feel so soft. I had tried the Foreo Luna Mini before but wasn't impressed, but when I had no choice, I decided to give it another go. I got sent a new Foreo in the mail and only recently started using it weekly. I was quick to judge because I really do love this little device! It's small but mighty and it gets the cleansing job done. However, it's much more gentle than my Clarisonic which I greately appreciate, and it doesn't have brush heads that need changing making it more environmentally friendly. I've been using it mostly when I have makeup on and need to get that double cleanse in but I think it's probably gentle enough to use a few times a week. 

*I still have my Clarisonic and use it occasionally because I had a lot of backup brush heads but after I run out, I'll only be using my Foreo. 

What are your current favorite beauty prooducts?
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