I've done this post in the past and it slipped off my radar at the beginning of 2021 but I wanted to bring it back, even if I am almost a month late. I love keeping track of my most viewed blog posts, my most viewed and/or purchases products across my blog and other social platforms. This year I was accepted in Rewardstyle *YAY* but previously, I used ShopStyle Collective for all my affiliate linking. 

I am not a number's gal but I do like analytics because in reality, analytics is what drives everything for brands and for influencers. Being in social media as a career has taught me how important analytics are for decisions when it comes to content, copy, product features, etc. 

It's equally important in blogging: you want to give your audience what they want and what they respond well too. Knowing what blog posts get the most views and what products your audience likes to buy from you is very important. 

For the past three years I've kept track, on a monthly basis of what blog posts were most viewed in two categories: from the posts I wrote that month and the posts with the most viewed overall, no matter when they were posted.

Some months, my most viewed posts were from years ago and otehrs it was from that month. I've been blogging for almost 10 years... I have a lot of content hidden away!

But enough blabbering... let's get into the most viewed & most purchased posts & items of 2020! 

The 10 Best Selling Products You Bought From Me in 2020

It was clearly a big year for Stoney Clover which makes sense -- if they're my favorite, I'm going to talk about them more and you'll be more curious! Old favorites such as Rebecca Minkoff, my favorite leggings and Tory Burch continue to be good performers... I know you all and you know me very well! 

The Top 5 Blog Posts Published in 2020

These are the most viewed blog posts that were published last year. 

The 5 Most Read Blog Posts in 2020

These were the most read blog posts in 2020, despite when they were published!

Thank you all for another great year! I appreciate your continued loyalty, readership, and shopping my links. I love my blog so much and as we near the 9 year anniversary of Royally Pink, my appreciation grows daily. 

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