Dr. Barbara Sturm is a brand that is intriguing to me. She's a doctor who has a lot of experience with skin and skincare, so she's someone you would trust to buy beauty products from. I never thought about pulling the trigger on one of her products until I saw the Ski Cream pop up on the new arrivals page a few months ago. Maybe it was the packaging, maybe it was the name, but something about this product really drew me in.

I never thought I would purchase it because it well, it's expensive; it's $115 which is insane but sadly, it's one of the cheaper items in her line. However, I just couldn't stop thinking about it and every time I saw it, I would add it to my cart and then never press 'purchase'. One day, my wallet got the best of me and with the lovely website, Klarna (where you can split your payments into 4), I purchased it. 

It is the most money I have ever spent on one singular beauty product that wasn't a hair tool. I was dreaming of being on the ski slopes while wearing Ski Cream but no such luck... after a few uses I knew this product was not for me. Back to Sephora, it has gone but I wanted to do a review before I shipped it back, in case anyone else has been eyeing it and wants to see what $115 worth of moisturizer is. 

I go over everything in the video but this product was just not it. Unless you live in a freezing cold climate or do go skiing a lot, you won't be able to use this. For once, a product name and description was not a marketing ploy... this is actually a ski cream! 


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