2020 was a hard year. I've been saying that for months and it still rings true, however, I am sick of talking about it. It was hard for a lot of reasons: for personal reasons, for the pandemic, for death, for social injustice, for adjustments, for the election, for the tension, for the fighting, for the selfishnesses. It was exhausting on so many levels.

It was heartbreaking on so many levels and just simply unfair. It didn't have to end up like this; we didn't need to experience this trauma but we did and we're all still in the thick of it. As the clock struck midnight on Friday, we didn't magically make all the problems we had in 2020 go away. It's going to take time, learning, and hopefully a new administration! 

2020 was a year of learning and being taught lessons you never wanted or needed to learn. 

I learned a lot this year, about myself and about the world.

  • I learned that people are not what they seem -- that things can happen without you seeing them coming and you have to deal.
  • I was hit with the realization that a ton of people don't like following rules and feel like they are entitled to do whatever they want because we live in a 'free country'.
  • I am really great at keeping myself entertained! Being in quarantine didn't bother me so much because I love being home and I've always been an expert at keeping myself occupied. 
  • Even with facts, some people just won't believe you when you say something true.
  • I learned a ton about politics and how the country works, which I'm grateful for but also gave me a lot of anxiety.
  • My anxiety and depression do have triggers and it's not a bad thing to avoid them.
  • Reading is a true escape for me and one of my favorite things to do.
  • Procrastination is a big problem for me and I need to fix that.
  • I am perfectly fine with not talking about politics with people who disagree with me. I understand everyone has the right to an opinion but some things, I cannot look past. 
  • Being outside actually brings me great joy and I love taking walks and being at a park.
  • I never want to live anywhere but New York. (I knew this already but this pandemic really solidified that)
  • I am self-aware of my anxiety and depression but I need to work at pulling myself out of a rut and actually doing the work, instead of just accepting this is how I am.

I could probably think of a thousand more lessons but those are my big ones! I will take those lessons in 2021 and grow from them. I realize I need to work on myself to be a better, more open-minded person. I need to control my anger and work on bettering my mental health. 

All that being said, I have some goals for the new year. I completed a handful of my goals in 2020 -- I had written them out here but also had other, more personal goals written in my journal.

Goals I Hit:

  • I definitely read 2 books per month, as I wanted to in my 2020 Goals post. I read 50 books in 2020 and my goal for 2021 is 60. I already finished one book over the weekend so we're off to a good start! 
  • I think I got a firm grasp on my Royally Pink brand. I changed my layout a few times and finally settled on something that felt like me. I also internally, wrote out brand guidelines and feel like I know who I am when it comes to Royally Pink.
  • In my journal, I wrote that I wanted to journal more and I did! I journaled almost weekly which is amazing and I think it had a really positive effect on me. I'm looking forward to more writing this year! 
  • I almost hit my savings goal this year and I think I have a better grasp on money and how to manage it. I feel lighter, understanding my finances, and having things finally under control.
  • This wasn't necessarily a goal for the year but something I wanted to accomplish at some point -- I started my social media freelance side hustle! I want to make it more legitimate in 2021 but I have a few clients and it's really exciting! 

Goals I Didn't Hit:

  • I definitely didn't complete my no-buy year (remember that?!). I'll be doing a separate post on this but it was an epic fail.
  • Once again, I didn't finish my book. I need to get into a better headspace for this and actually write out some tangible goals instead of saying 'finish writing the book' this year. 
  • I didn't lose the weight I wanted to lose and I gained a lot more than I ever have before. This will also be a separate post.
  • I've been saying I want to get a tattoo in honor of my dad ever since he died and I haven't done that either. I really hope to check that off in a few weeks! 

2021 Goals: 

I have some more personal goals I'll keep to myself but these are the ones I'm really working toward: 

  • Pitch 2 brands for partnerships per month: I really want to work with more brands in 2021 and I feel like I have the tools, I just never follow through.
  • Pitch 2 stories per month to news outlets; I want to write more in 2021. I had an internal crisis this year where I thought I didn't want to focus on writing but was quickly pulled out of that and realized I really do want it to be part of me and my career.
  • Limit my shopping to 3 orders per month: We're going to see how this goes. I definitely have a better grasp on spending but want to try to follow a stricter budget and limit the amount of stuff I own/order.
  • Meditate Daily: My meditation practice has been on and off but I need to get back into the headspace (pun intended) of doing it daily. 
  • Work out 3x per week: I ordered a new workout bike that will be here in 2 weeks and I'm going to try to sign up for an at-home workout app. My workout routine suffered this year with the gyms being closed, low motivation, and the fact that I am not walking as much as I did pre-Covid. This is something I really need to force myself to do because I know I will be thankful.
I could go on and on but those are my main goals. In a more general sense, I want to take care of myself more, I want to try to put myself out there more in terms of dating, friendships, and relationships in general. It was a very isolating year and as much as I enjoy being home, I can feel myself putting walls up. I've never really been that way but it was just easy to let it happen this year. 

I want to care for my mental health more, pull myself out of the ruts, and leave the negativity in the past. I was very low at the time this year, lower than I have ever let anyone in on and I need to work that out. I am self-aware when it comes to my mental illnesses and I need to actively work at it. 

I don't think those goals are too lofty -- I think they are achievable and that is the key to goals. You can't get too crazy and put too much pressure on yourself. 

What are your goals for 2021? What are you looking forward to the most?

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