This is the latest I've ever done a monthly favorite in years but better late than never! I might've skipped it completely but I had a lot of favorites this month and wanted to share! 

November felt very long for me. Election Day feels like it was 500 days ago and the month dragged on; as cases of Covid rose across the country and then all the politics of the month pulled everything down. It was a hard month but it was a good month at the same time.

I shopped a ton this month and as we enter winter, there are so many items that I've been loving! 

My Favorite Items I Used in November

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream Light

During the Sephora VIB Sale at the beginning of the month, I really wanted to splurge on something for myself. I've been in a huge Charlotte Tilbury mood and kind of want to throw all my other items away to just exclusively have a CT makeup collection (I'm not going to do that). I needed a new daytime moisturizer and the Magic Cream Light had intrigued me before. It has SPF, anti-pollution, and anti-blue light technology so once I figured that out, I purchased it. I've been wearing it daily and I love it. It's very luxurious, lightweight yet deeply nourishing so it really feels like it's doing something for my skin. It does have an incredibly strong SPF scent (I feel like I'm applying Coppertone to my face) but once applied, the smell goes away. It's incredibly pricey, and probably not worth it but I love feeling a little fancy! 

Charlotte Tilbury Pillowtalk Push Up Lashes Mascara

This might be my favorite mascara of all time. When Charlotte Tilbury released this a few months ago, I was reluctant because I've heard less than satisfactory things about her mascaras. However, something about this intrigued me so I decided to splurge. Mascara is one of the few products I wear almost every day so I justified purchasing a new one. Well, wow... this is magical. I usually curl my lashes beforehand but after a few applications, but my lashes literally touch my eyelids... that's how long I get them. I wouldn't say this is a voluminous mascara but it definitely pushes your lashes up (just like the name says) and has insane length. The packaging is also luxurious and very heavy, definitely one of the best packagings Charlotte Tilbury has. If you're looking for a lengthening mascara and want to treat yourself, I highly recommend it. 

Stoney Clover Lane Small Mini Tote in Hazelnut Cozy

I have been obsessed with this bag! It's really been the only bag I'm using when I'm running errands. The size is perfection -- it's not too big or too small and I love the material. The cozy feeling is so perfect for this time of year so whenever I use it, it just brings me so much joy. I don't really use the shoulder strap and prefer to hold it by the handles or on the crook of my arm but that's a personal preference. I've really been wanting a larger bag to throw everything in nowadays, and instead of using a Neverfull, I find this really works. I feel a little overwhelmed when I go out; I have a big coat on, a mask, my glasses -- it's just a lot so having a bag I can throw things into but still be able to find my items has been a game-changer. 

Also, Stoney Clover is everything to me, truly my favorite brand of all time so the fact that I can use something of theirs on a daily basis (that isn't a pouch) is great. I contemplated getting the bag in the rose sherpa as well but decided against it. 

However, if they release this is in other materials down the line, I will for sure buy it! This might be a little small for my work life (whenever the world allows that kind of life again) but for errands or even school, it might work. This bag is still in stock in Rose on Stoney Clover's website and Shopbop but Hazelnut is sold out. 

S'well Traveler 16 Ounce Bottle

I am an avid reusable water bottle lover and my company recently sent everyone this S'well bottle as a little gift! I was skeptical at first because I usually use a bkr bottle or just a Starbucks tumbler to drink water out of but I decided to give it a try. I've used S'well bottles before and wasn't a super fan because they start to smell after a while and I find that they spill easily... that is not the case with this traveler bottle. It's an interesting shape which I find oddly comfortable to hold and it's the perfect size to drink at home. I tested the spillage by shaking it around and upside down, and nothing spills so it's safe to have in a bag. I also have never had a bottle keep water as cold as this one does... it's borderline insane how chill my water is after so many hours, even when I leave the bottle uncovered. I think this would be a great stocking stuffer for pretty much anyone in your life! 

What did you love in the month of November?

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