We're back with a 2nd round of Lights Lacquer Manicure Monday and I'm very excited to share it with you! If you haven't read my first feature, head to last week's post for the backstory

This week I used the green and champagne polishes from the Lights Lacquer holiday collection. The green is called "Hoping to be Kissed"  and the champagne glitter is called "Fuzzy Socks" which is simply the best nail polish name to ever exist. 

Hoping to Be Kissed is described as a true hunter green with gold and silver shimmer while Fuzzy Socks is a more traditional glitter polish and the color is described as a fine rainbow shimmer with blue reflects. When I say traditional glitter polish, I mean it was scratchy to the touch and a bitch to take off... very unlike "I'm All Toasty Inside", the gold polish from last week. 

Just as the red and gold polishes from last week, these colors were really fantastic. The formula was really smooth, didn't bleed outside the nail, and didn't chip until I really started picking at it. They applied very smoothly and evenly, and they reflected the light beautifully. I mean, they are stunning polishes for the season and there were no issues with them at all. 

Just as the red & gold polishes, the green came off very easily with regular nail polish remover. As "Fuzzy Socks" was a more traditional glitter polish, it took a little more work to get it off. Since I'm currently using regular polish remover and cotton pads, I just held the soaked cotton pad to my nail for a few minutes and then rubbed the polish off. It came off pretty easily after that.

I've really been loving these colors and will hopefully test out the last two shades "I'll Be Home" and "Misfit Toys". I will probably do this post-Christmas, pre-New Year's and you'll see the review in January. 

What is on your nails this week?
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