Holiday 2020 Giveaway

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 It has been quite a year. I know it wasn't the year any of us imagine... who could've imagined a global pandemic? Sure we probably saw some of it coming, like the political tensions but to have experienced every other trauma we have, both personal & worldly was just unprecedented. 

I've gone through my own stuff that I've talked about over the past few months but sometimes it still hits me... all we have lost this year. 

In the spirit of the season and because we could all use a little joy, I wanted to do a nice giveaway! I've rounded up some of my favorite items, like a Slip Silk pillowcase and eye mask, Good Patch patches, along with a few other self-care goodies to take you right into the new year! 

Here is a photo of everything you'll win, just enter through the widget below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway 

Thank you all for another year of Royally Pink! Thank you for reading, for following, and for being my community over the past *almost 9 years*. It has been a journey and I'm glad you're with me on it!

Happy holidays! 


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