Whenever I finish one book and it's time to start another, I find it rather difficult to decide what to read. I have a lot of books on my TBR list and even more books on my Kindle from NetGalley. Sometimes I judge a book by its cover, sometimes its name, and sometimes I weigh the options by starting a few books at once and continuing with what catches my attention more.

For "The Girls in the Snow", I did a quick search for the publisher's summary and immediately was hooked. It has everything I wanted and needed out of a book a few weeks ago; gore, murder, mystery, and a strong female FBI agent. 

*This post might contain a few spoilers of the first few chapters but nothing major about the story will be given away! 

Publisher's Summary

In the remote forests of Stillwater, Minnesota, you can scream for days and no one will hear you. So when the bodies of two fifteen-year-old girls are discovered frozen in the snow, Special Agent Nikki Hunt is sure the killer is local: someone knew where to hide the girls and thought they would never be found.

Though Nikki hasn’t been home in twenty years, she knows she must take over the case. The Sheriff’s department in Stillwater has already made a mistake by connecting the girls’ murders to those of a famous serial killer, refusing to consider the idea that the killer could be someone from town.

Then another girl’s body is found, a red silk ribbon tied in her hair, and Nikki realizes that the killer has a connection to her own dark past, and the reason she left Stillwater.

Nikki is not the only person in town who wants those secrets to stay hidden. Will she be able to face her demons before another child is taken?

My Thoughts

Let me start off by saying that this story is NOT what you think it is. You think it's the traditional twisty, domestic thriller but it is the complete opposite. It definitely starts off that way; Nikki Hunt is called in because the town thinks two young girls were killed by the serial killer she is hunting. However, Nikki realizes that it's not the case... this was the work of someone else aside from her killer, Frost. 

While the case of these young girls is what brought Nikki to town, her own ghosts might just be the reason she stays. Her parents were killed in Stillwater and their killer is in jail, or so Nikki thought. She is faced with her past, the mistakes she might've made, and what really happened the night her parents were killed.

She is dealing with her past while also dealing with her present...a very real killer is out on the loose and killing young girls. Hunt partners with the local law enforcement to follow the very few leads they have on the girls' killer. 

At one point, it almost feels like the crime will never be solved... however, you get close at some point and it feels really satisfying. Everything starts to unravel and things are moving very fast and them BAM, surprise. Once you get past the half-way point of the book, things really start to pick up and it's a whirlwind of revelations. It was kind of shocking how quickly the story came to fruition 

This is a book that is never boring. It keeps you hooked from the first moment because you know there are going to many revelations. There are multiple plot lines going on and in a weird way, they all are weaved within each other. In the end, you get the satisfaction of multiple crimes solved, and all the loose ends wrapped up. 

"The Girls in the Snow" was shocking, a little gory, tumultuous, and worth every moment you spend reading it. 

All I have to say is that I cannot wait for Nikki Hunt Book #2... Stacey Green killed it with this novel.


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