I didn' think I had any new polishes up my sleeve but I was wrong. When I went to paint my nails last weekend, I realized that I had a new nail polish I had been saving for a rainy day. I purchased it last month in preparation for Fall and here we are, in Fall!

OPI's fall collection is titled "Muse of Milan" and all the shades are stunning for the autumnal season but the one that caught my eye was obviously the burnt orange/brown shade called "My Italian is a Little Rusty". It's fitting for me since I haven't brushed up on my Italian since junior year of high school.

The shade isn't that unique but I did feel like it was missing from my collection. It's not mauve, it's not technically orange, it's not beige nor is it brown-- it's a mixture of all those colors and it's beautiful. It's very perfectly Fall. It's the color you go to during these months when you don't really know what you're in the mood for.

It matches everything and always looks good... it's beautiful.

However, the formula was a little less than ideal when applying. It was very watery and while it went on opaque, the application process was a hassle. It was very messy and just got all over the place. I had to clean up my cuticles and nails in between coats but once that was done, the polish was beautiful. Chipping is to a minimal and I'm on day 4 as I type this so that is definitely a positive!

While the formula wasn't my favorite, the color and staying power will keep me coming back... I just need to be better with the application process.

What is on your nails this week?

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