Today is National Watermelon Day and I'm actually pretty siked. Fun fact: I am allergic to watermelon so can't eat it but watermelon flavored things? SIGN ME UP! I love a good watermelon drink or a watermelon-flavored candy... it's always the first flavor I reach for.

In recent years, that love of watermelon has transferred over to beauty products. Just about everything can be a 'good for you' beauty ingredient so watermelon is really no different. Whether something is watermelon scented or formulated with watermelon extract, you can find a lot of beauty items that house my favorite 'flavor'.

Watermelon Extract, when used in beauty items, is rich in Vitamin C and helps protect your skin from environmental elements and promotes a healthy, rejuvenated glow to the skin. I'm all for brighter, more glowing skin so watermelon extract is key in my skincare routine. 

What better time to talk about Watermelon beauty products than National Watermelon Day? Below are some of my favorites!

Bliss What A Melon Overnight Mask

I'm very curious about the Bliss brand and this was a product on my radar for a while. It is an overnight mask that has a gel texture and helps heal stressed skin. *I love anything that helps stressed skin... I don't know why! This is a very hydrating mask that immediately sinks into the skin without leaving any residue behind. After applying at night, my skin is very bright and soft in the morning. It doesn't break me out and is gentle enough for nightly use. It makes me want to try the other Bliss watermelon products.

Sephora Watermelon After Sun Mask

This is my favorite summer face-mask and I'm not talking about the cloth kind! Whenever I feel like my face has gotten too much sun, or feels a little too stressed out from the heat, this is what I go too. I discovered the Sephora Collection Watermelon After Sun Mask last summer and stocked up this year so I was always prepared. The watermelon helps moisturize and restore your skin so your face can look and feel it's best, post-sun. It also recently got a CLEAN Sephora makeover so it's near perfect.  

Milk Makeup Watermelon Brightening Serum

This was the first watermelon beauty product I tried and I think it started my love affair. I swear, the Milk Makeup Watermelon Brightening Serum Stick helped my skin so much, I was shocked to see the dramatic results. I don't currently own this but it is 100% worth mentioning. I would apply it to my face every night and wake up with clear skin. Whenever I felt like my skin was looking dull, one application of this serum and my skin was bright again. It was like a magic wand. After I'm done with my current vitamin C serum, I might have to purchase this again.

Touchland Watermelon Hand Sanitinzer 

Does this count as a beauty product? Touchland is my new favorite brand and the Watermelon Power Mist is my favorite scent. It smells like a watermelon jolly rancher and who doesn't love that? I love the slim packaging and the spray application -- it's a must-have in these COVID times. 

Below are a few other watermelon products I have my eye on! 
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