Royal Round Up, Vol 3: Week 33

by RoyallyPink, 9:35 PM

This was a hard week in many aspects; how is it that everything can be fine and a mess at the same time? My personal life is fine, career is great and I'm having a pretty good summer. However, the world seems like it's falling apart. 

My outlook on the virus sank to low levels this week, the USPS is being defunded, DeBlasio canceled the 9/11 Light Tribue Memorial and the election is looming closer every day. Not to sound like a negative Nancy, but my goodness that is a lot happening and it's stressing me out.

I have so many feelings about everything going on and they're changing daily. When you believe in something and then it changes so suddenly, so drastically, it can be very scary. That's what happened to me this week with a lot of things. I don't like changing my mind but it's human nature.

Will I ever not spill out my feelings on a Royal Round-Up post? Probably not but that's the beauty of the blog! 

Now, I'm watching Grey's Anatomy in bed like all good 27-year-olds do on Friday nights during a pandemic.

Let's get into the roundup! 

Pink Positivity of the Week

I didn't forget about this new section! My one piece of positivity this week was the history that was made... Kamala Harris, the first Black and Asian American woman to be on the Presidental ballot of a major party. When I saw the news, I got the chills and nearly cried. It gives me so much hope but makes me so scared at the same time. No matter what happens, it was a true positive moment this week! 

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