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I've spoken extensively over the years about my love of Drybar but I've never done a full Brand Buzz aka brand overview about them. 

Drybar has been on my radar for a while... at least 4 years because that's when I went to Drybar for the first time. However, I think my love affair with the brand had been a year or two longer than that. I've used their products for a long time and am pretty obsessed with the idea and branding of the entire brand, from the salon to the accessories to the tools and products. It's ingenious and I've learned so much about the idea behind it from listening to interviews with Alli Webb. 

I've been a little obsessed with my hair during quarantine because I feel like it's been changing and I figured that now is as good a time as any to share my favorite items from the brand.

Over the years, there have been products I loved, some I didn't, and some that I've changed my mind about. These here are the favorites that I continually use and repurchase over and over again. If you're looking to get started with the brand, I recommend these! 

Detox Dry Shampoo

This was the product that started it all for me and I'm pretty sure it was one of the brand's first bestsellers. It remains one of my favorite dry shampoos ever; it smells incredible, absorbs every ounce of oil and doesn't leave my hair with residue or with a crunchy feeling. Now, Drybar has a ton of different scents in their Detox Shampoo range and I'm interested to try them out.

Detox Dry Conditioner

While I love the dry shampoo, I think the dry conditioner takes the cake. This was the first dry conditioner I've ever tried and truthfully, I use it more than dry shampoos. A dry conditioner is the same idea as a shampoo, only it's not meant to absorb oil but extend your blowout, hydrate, and add some body back into your hair. I use it all the time and have gone through countless bottles. I've tried other brands but always come back to Drybar because it works the best for me; it doesn't leave residue behind, doesn't make my scalp itchy and actually really helps keep my hair in place. 

Prep Rally Prime & Prep Spray

Along with the dry conditioner, this primer spray is my most re-purchased Drybar product. I use it every time I wash my hair and don't really care for any other leave-in product. This isn't a leave-in conditioner but a detangler and primer spray. It has a heat protectant so I use it for that purpose as well. It's super lightweight and doesn't make my hair greasy or weighed down. A lot of other leave-in products do that to my hair but this is virtually invisible and when I do style my hair, I don't feel like there's product leftover... if that makes sense. 

Baybreeze Hydrating Shots

I've purchased the Baybreeze Hydrating Shots maybe one or two times before but have gone back to them recently because they are like medicine for your hair. When my hair is feeling dehydrated, damaged and in need of extra-special treatment, these little shots help so much. All you need to do is shampoo your hair as you normally would, spray the shot all over your hair, massage it in and then let sit for 3-5 minutes. After you rinse, your hair will be silky smooth and feel brand new. They are expensive though; 4 uses for $38 but I use one about every 6-8 weeks. It's a great solution for very dry hair.

On The Rocks Clarifying Charcoal Shampoo

My scalp is very sensitive, dry, and prone to build up so I got in the habit of using a clarifying shampoo... that shampoo is the On The Rocks Charcoal Shampoo, with active charcoal ingredients to help remove buildup and impurities from your scalp. While clarifying and charcoal might seem harsh, this shampoo is gentle and doesn't irritate my scalp. It really deep cleans my hair and leaves it feeling lighter and looking smoother & healthier. I have not tried the matching conditioner but I really want too. 

Buttercup Blow Dryer & Tress Press Iron

I own the Drybar blow dryer and the straightener; both are competitively priced and work wonders. For background: I live with my mom and sister so three women with tons of hair, use these hot tools multiple times a day. Our blow dryers and irons don't usually last more than a year but both have withstood the test of time. They're powerful, sturdy, and really get the job done. I hate blow drying my hair and usually never do but with the Buttercup, I find it doesn't take as long as other driers. Also, the Tress Press doesn't grab my hair or make it staticy like other irons sometimes do. I'm now very tempted to buy the Double Shot Blow-Dryer Brush.

Below are a few other Drybar products I've tried in the past & like but they are not my holy grails! 

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