Face masks are IN... haven't you heard? I surely hope you have! Since the start of the pandemic when we realized we were going to have to be wearing masks, companies started selling them. At first, not a lot of places were producing them; my first masks were from a boutique in my neighborhood, Alice & Olivia, and Etsy. The ones from my neighborhood were the most comfortable at first.

Now? Everyone is selling masks, whether their branded (like Kylie) or fresh, beautiful designs like Lele Sadoughi

During the entire pandemic, I have been finding new masks to buy and love. Instead of buying makeup (which I haven't worn in the past few months), I've been all the masks. I like to have options, have them match different clothing styles, and also, I was them after every 1-2 uses so having a lot is a necessity.

What I've found from buying multiple different types of masks is that every mask is different. The sizing is different, the material is different and they all feel differently on the face. The one thing that is consistent? I can breathe while wearing all of them but yet they are strong enough that I feel protected.

I wanted to round up my favorite, most comfortable face masks that are available now! 

Stoney Clover Lane Face Masks

I have two different styles of the SCL face masks but right now, only the pink/mint are available. I love the heart bead detailing on the side (this doesn't make them uncomfortable, I can't even feel the beads when I'm wearing the mask). These masks are thick and you can't feel your breath through them but yet, you can breathe easily in them. I've had their tie-dye face masks for longer which are slightly thicker than the pink/mint and are probably my most worn masks. SCL just released Terry Cloth masks which look even more comfy and perfect. I also love how you get two masks in a pack so more bang for your buck!

Lele Sadoughi Face Masks

If you can get your hands on these masks (they are hard to come by), you need them. They are the most comfortable, easy masks I own and I just wish I had more. They're so great, my mom stole one of them from me... The Lele masks come in a pack of three for $40 which seems fair when you think about it ($13 per mask) and in my opinion, are very well worth it. They are stretchy, very thin, easy to breathe in, and comfortable to wear. I also love how small they fold up and how portable they are. I have the Cloud set and have pre-ordered the Lucky Charms set... I can't wait for them to arrive to have more masks to choose from.

Masks by Jill and Ally

I ordered this tie-dye mask on a whim from Shop Betches and had no idea that it was created by Aly Shapiro, RHONY OG Jill Zarin's daughter. I also had no idea that Jill and Aly were hand-making these masks down in Florida throughout the entire pandemic. They might be a little more comfortable than the others on this list but they are also slightly more casual. Masks by Jill and Ally are handmade (you can see them making the masks on Instagram Stories) and come in tons of different colors, from pastel solids to tie-dye to black & white solid. The best part? When you buy one mask, Jill & Ally donate a mask to a healthcare worker. 

Honestly, I love all three of these masks and cannot pick just one. I wear them when I'm in different moods and with different outfits. I highly recommend all three companies when it comes to their masks and is looking forward to picking up more from them soon!

What masks have you been wearing?
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