Royal Round Up, Vol 3: Week 29

by RoyallyPink, 7:48 PM
Hey, you... I hope you're wearing a mask.

The sheer blasphemy of the Coronavirus this week threw me for a loop. The United States has now set consecutive records for most cases reported... I mean, that is fucking insane. The government is making laws saying people CAN'T make masks mandated (looking at you, Georgia) and the federal government is lessening the power the CDC has. We are living in an alternate universe where the United States is out of control. I swear US citizens are going to be banned from other countries for a while if we don't get our shit together.

Wear a mask and honestly, don't listen to the government. 

Once again, I'm so thankful to live in NYC where we're entering phase 4 of reopening next week and everyone is being respectful, wearing masks & cases/deaths are super low. That being said, I hope you are all staying safe and sane.

I just really needed to get that off my chest because I feel like I'm living in a goddam movie. It's just not ok on any level.

I was supposed to be in Mexico this weekend for my friend's wedding... but that, of course, got canceled. My other friend just postponed her wedding that was rescheduled from May to November... to next year.  The two bachelorette parties I was supposed to go on in September & October will most likely *if they haven't already been* canceled. This year is total shit and if you were a bride in 2020, I feel for you.

Enough depressing talk, let's get into the links.

Links I Loved

I had an internal breakdown about my shopping habits but I still ordered from the Stoney Clover Terry Collection. I also needed some new beauty items from Target, including my holy grail body lotion that I cannot find anywhere else.

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