My Stoney Clover Collection | July 2020

by RoyallyPink, 7:00 AM
I have talked about Stoney Clover Lane before and if you read my weekly round-ups, you will notice that I always have an SCL item in my "What I Bought This Week" section. I also am constantly posting about them on my Instagram.

The brand means a lot to me: the founders are young women like myself and their passion & drive for their company is borderline life-changing. I love how engaged they are with their customers and their audience, how they take our suggestions and make them come to life. They are very transparent, they are always doing Instagram Lives and even started something called SCLU which obviously is Stoney Clover Lane University. SCLU allows the followers of the brand to attend business school with co-founder Kendall; we talk about the brand, how Kendall has overcome certain challenges and just the ins and outs of businesses in general.

On Instagram, there is an entire community of Stoney Clover Lane fans and we're always interacting with each other, sharing design inspiration, and just being fans of the brand.

SCL makes me so HAPPY. I love the customization aspect of it, how no two items are ever the same, and the high quality of the products. I love how they keep my organized, how Instagramable they are, and how there's always something new! 

A few weeks ago I filmed a Youtube video about my Stoney Clover Lane collection and since then, it has grown even more but I wanted to share it here on the blog since I do talk so much about SCL.

Do you own anything from Stoney Clover? Let me know in the comments!


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