Kathleen Lights has always been my favorite Youtuber. I've been watching her consistently for 6 years, I met her at Beautycon in 2016 and I've bought a lot of her brand collaborations. However, I've never purchased one of her nail polishes.

Originally, Kathleen launched KL Polish a few years ago but after a falling out with her business partners, she launched Lights Lacquer. I hadn't gotten around to purchasing any colors but had every intention to. That is until I got an email from her PR agency asking if I wanted to try out her new summer collection.

I think I cried when I got that email. That was another moment in my blogging career where I wanted to pinch myself. Sure, it's just a PR email but I know what goes into those emails so it was a big deal.

Anyways, of course, I said yes and a week or so later, a package with the entire Lights Lacquer 'Sweet as Summer' collection arrived and I lost my mind.

I didn't know where to start with trying out the colors so I went with the beautiful orange, because what is more summery than orange nails? 

I filmed my manicure for TikTok and gave my thoughts there but of course, needed to do one on the blog.

First off, the color is stunning. It's very vibrant but not a corny orange -- it's a true, summer orange that almost seems like it has a hint of coral. It was extremely wearable and looked beautiful on the nails.

When I first applied the color, I was shocked that it was drying down to a matte finish. It didn't say that in the packaging but does say that on the website (I should've checked before applying). Matte nails aren't my thing but I used my Essie Speed Setter as a top coat and it made it a glossy finish. My nails looked gorgeous when it was all said and done.

The formula is impeccable on this particular color. It was smooth, not runny, and while at first didn't seem too opaque, after two coats, it became stronger. However, my nails did chip after 2 days, which could've been because I put a glossy top coat on top of a matte formula but honestly, it didn't bother me. I have all the time in the world to paint my nails so right now, chipping isn't a major dealbreaker. 

I don't have a ton of orange in my summer nail polish collection so this will be well-loved, and I might even wear it as a matte finish once in a while.

There are still five other colors in the collection and I can't wait to try them out... so far, Lights Lacquer is a high-quality nail polish!

What's on your nails today?

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