Royal Round Up, Vol 3: Week 24

by RoyallyPink, 6:52 PM
Well, I think everyone is over COVID and it's starting to show. People are just not wearing masks, going out everywhere and I just don't understand why no one is being cautious. New York City went into Phase 1 this week, Long Island entered Phase 2 and opened outdoor dining so everyone on my Instagram is wildin out. 

Nothing has changed! The virus is still out there! We have no way to treat it and we have no vaccine so why yes, I understand we have to open and get businesses up and running again but like, everyone still has to be careful. 

I went to my friend's pool this weekend and there were three of us. We decided to go and get some food so we walked up the block to one of the restaurants in my neighborhood. When I tell you, the number of people crowded around the restaurant without masks and not social distancing, it was shocking. I just don't feel good about the world right now and want to stay inside for a lot longer than normal.

That being said, this week was really good and I was so happy to spend some time in the pool with my friends. I find that if I do something at least one day during the weekend, I'm very pleased with myself. I was really nervous after my boyfriend broke up with me in March that I would have a hard time adjusting to single life when it comes to be social. Then COVID happened and I didn't have to worry about that anytime soon, so I felt better.

Well, now that the summer is here and people are out, I'm finding myself feeling nervous again. However, the past three weekends I've had things to do and I think that I'm going to be ok. Does anyone else feel this way? Just pressured to constantly be doing things when it's nice out? 

I also cannot believe we are already halfway through June... the year is flying by and good thing because it sucks. 

I'm going to end the rambling here and get into the nitty-gritty of this post.

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