Monthly Muse: June 2020 Favorites

by RoyallyPink, 7:00 AM
When I think about it, it feels like June was an incredibly fast month but in reality, I feel like it was slow -- like I cannot even remember the beginning of June.

I think this was one of the hardest months I've had in a while: family issues, the ending of quarantine, the protests and unrest across the nation. I'm happy to say goodbye to June 2020 and God willing, July will be better. So far though, it doesn't look like that. The COVID cases are rising everywhere and it's really scary on so many levels. 

I won't ramble on about the virus again because it seems that I do that in every little 'update' post. This post is strictly about my favorites of the month! 

My shopping was not as bad as it has been during quarantine and I hope that July is even better... but the new Love Shack Fancy x Stoney Clover Lane collection launches today so I doubt that! 

The favorites of the month consist of a few new items and a brand rediscovery but truly, they are all very useful products!

Let's get into it! 

The Book Club Bluelight Glasses

When quarantine started, I left my 'expensive' Bluelight glasses at the office because I figured I'd be back in a few weeks. Oh to be hopeful and naive in early March! I have cheap Amazon Bluelight glasses at home and was using them daily but truly, I can tell the difference. They are not as strong or as comfortable to wear so I knew I needed to invest in a new pair if I was going to be home for a while. I stumbled upon the brand called The Book Club and fell in love with their styles. The minute I saw "Love in the Time of a Dollar" I knew these glasses had to be mine. They were sold out on a bunch of retailer sites so I purchased directly from the brand website. The company is based in Australia and in times of COVID, shipping took at least a month. It was worth it though! The packaging of these glasses was adorable! They came in a package that literally looks like a book and the branding was on point. I'm a sucker for good branding and The Book Club knocked it out of the park. 

These glasses are everything to me. I wear them every day, don't get dizzy and my headaches are maintained. They are so outrageous that I almost feel silly wearing them but I feel so cool at the same time.  I want more Bluelight glasses from this brand just because they are so unique and the price is right. 

My glasses seem to be sold out on every US website but below are some others you can shop. Also, if you're willing to wait, just order from These glasses are worth it! 

Pacifica Beauty Aloe BFF Hand Antiseptic

Hand sanitizer is not hard to come by anymore and I'm very thankful for that because well if places are opening, we need it now more than ever. I'm very interested in the brands releasing hand sanitizer that has never been in the hand sanitizer game before. I just want all the sanitizer! That's why I purchased this Pacifica Aloe BFF Hand Antiseptic. Even the name intrigued me! On the Ulta website, it looked like a hand sanitizer spray but I was surprised to find out that it is not... it's a gel. It's also a pretty big bottle so it's not practical for everyday use but I have been throwing it in my beach/pool bag or using it at home. It's an interesting texture but I oddly really like it. It makes my hands feel really clean and is just a nice, larger sanitizer to share with others. I'm also a sucker for the packaging! I've bought a lot of hand sanitizers recently and want more (LOL) so I'll be doing a post on my favorites! 

Cloth and Paper

Cloth and Paper is a planner insert company that I've been using for a while but for some reason, this month, I've been truly obsessed. I've made four different purchases and joined a ton of Facebook groups dedicated to the brand. If you saw my IGTV of my recent haul, I talked about a lot of the inserts I recently purchased. It's a unique brand with many different size choices as well as so many different inserts. They have adorable accessories, are reasonably priced, and use super high-quality paper. They're also really sweet and throw in a bunch of freebies with your order. They have a subscription box that I am highly considering signing up for but we'll see. This month I had an overwhelming urge to redo my planner and I'm so happy with all my Cloth and Paper purchases. I will probably do a full overview of everything I've purchased and done an updated planner post or video. Cloth and Paper are also Black-owned businesses so definitely support if you need more planner accessories! 

What did you love this month?
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