I had this idea for a blog post a while ago but now, in the midst of quarantine, I feel like it's more appropriate than ever. There is nothing to do but be inside and therefore, we are probably using more of our possessions than ever before.

Whether it's food, beauty, self-care, technology... we are using everything to pass the time. I figured it would be interesting to talk about the items that I've been using more that I'm in my house 24/7 and what I'm using as I work from home. I've always loved my stuff and I've talked about that a lot but being home during the day allows me to use my 'stuff' even more.

iPad Mini 5

Right before all of this started, I treated myself to a new iPad Mini. Mine was a few years old, didn't have enough memory, and was a little too slow for my liking. My new iPad is pretty much exactly the same and I love it so much. I use it for reading (I use the Kindle & Nook apps), social media, and even use it as a second screen if I need another browser window while working or blogging. It's my sidekick - my partner in crime. I hooked up my iMessage to it so some days I can leave my phone in another room and just have my iPad. I purchased this Apple Pencil dupe from Amazon and download a coloring book app called 'Pigment' and have been coloring to pass the time. Having a tablet really unleashes a world of possibilities.

Stress Gummies + Supplements

This one goes without saying but it's been a struggle and a battle the past few weeks. It's not just me, as someone with anxiety who is feeling the stress but everyone in the world. I would be nowhere without my favorite supplements that help take the edge off and allow me to think and process things more clearly. I use these interchangeably: Olly Stress Gummies, HUM Nutrition Big Chill, Sunday Scaries CBD Gummies.

Zella Leggings + Graphic Sweatshirts

It shouldn't be a surprise that I haven't worn anything but my Zella Live In High Waisted leggings for the past three weeks. I've been pairing that with any and all sweatshirts. These are the ones I've been wearing the most: Frozen (similarCinderella from Box Lunch, BP, and BBX Collection (use code BRIANA15 for 15% off!). There is a definite Disney theme happening to me right now but let's just go with it. I just want to be comfortable. I do my hair & my makeup to feel like a human and look decent on video meetings but comfort is key.

May Designs Priority Planner

The Priority Planner is one of, if not my all-time favorite layout that May Designs has ever released. I purchased it a few months ago and used it for exceptionally busy weekend days but mostly used it when I was working from home. Well now that I'm working from home every day, I found it to be extremely useful and a key part of my sanity. It helps me organize my day into sections, think about the tasks that really need to get done and really stay on top of everything. It's been a lifesaver!

Belle and Park Starbucks Cold Cup

As I mentioned before, I have been on a huge Disney kick. It makes me happy and provides a great distraction. With that being said, I purchased this cold cup from my favorite Etsy shop, Belle and Park last month and have not stopped using it. It adds a bit of magic to an otherwise scary time and it's just a nice, lightweight cup for water and/or iced coffee!

Honorable Mention: Foods I've been eating like they're going out of style this quarantine: Queso Blanco, Tortilla Chips, Mickey Ice Cream Bars and Eggo Waffles. Someone stop me.

What are the items you cannot stop using right now?
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