This is a very late post but last week was rough and the weekend was even weirder. While there were really special moments over the weekend, like wedding dress shopping for my best friend and a baby shower for my new cousin, I was anxious and slept a lot. Therefore, got nothing productive done.

Over the course of 36 hours, I napped for about 8 of them, outside of regular sleep. That's why my favorites post is a few days late...

None of these items were purchased this month but I used them so much; the beauty items have made a huge difference in my skin and the other items make me incredibly happy.

Let's get into them...

Summer Fridays CC Serum

I've been in the market for a Vitamin C serum for years now but felt like nothing really fit what I was looking for, that is until Summer Fridays released theirs. I love everything Summer Fridays puts out so I was super pumped about a vitamin C serum. I've been using it pretty consistently over the past few months and have noticed a major difference in my skin. My dark spots are lighter, the texture is pretty much gone and my skin does look a little brighter. I really wanted it to even out my skin tone and it has succeeded at doing that, without any weird reactions. It's a must-have in my routine now.

First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads

To go right along with my CC Serum, my other favorite beauty product of the month are the FAB Facial Radiance Pads. I only have a sample of them and don't use them as religiously as I would like but wow, do they make a difference. When my skin is breaking out or texture is just too much to handle, one swipe of these across my face and my issues are gone. They're soaked in lactic and glycolic acid which helps exfoliate, tone, and brighten so pretty much are a miracle worker. If you're having any sort of skin issue, I highly recommend these pads as I think they will change everything.

The Five Minute Journal App

At the beginning of the year, I wanted to find a way to reflect every day. While I try to use a physical journal a few times a week, I thought a gratitude app or something similar would help me get more into the habit of daily journaling. I don't know where I heard of this app but I have become obsessed with it. The Five Minute Journal App allows you to reflect daily, both in the morning and night. In the morning, you write out what three things you're grateful for, how you will make the day great, and a daily affirmation. For the night journal, you say three amazing things that happened, and how you could've made that day better. You also are able to add a photo and you get daily inspirational quote prompts. It's just the best way for me to take a few moments in the morning and night and reflect on what I experienced and will experience.

Disney Lenox Figurines

This is a really random favorite but has brought me a lot of joy over the month. When my aunt passed away last month, my family & I went through her house to get things straightened up. We all picked a few things of hers that we wanted and she had these beautiful Lenox Disney Figurines and I loved them so much. I remember loving and admiring them over the years so it was really special that I was able to take them. She had a Mickey Mouse one that is now in my living room, right by a photo of her; then I have Cinderella (who has a broken arm) and a Dumbo figure in my room. I look at them every day and it brings a little joy, in the form of my aunt and Disney to my life. 

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